Choosing Adventures for Good.

Much Better Adventures was born from a belief that travel can, and should, be a force for good. Our platform empowers local hosts and guides to make a great living doing what they love, funneling money into their local economies and incentivising the conservation of wild places which attract adventurers in the first place. More on all that here.

Our Adventures for Good collection takes that philosophy one step further. These adventures have been very carefully selected to ensure you not only have an amazing experience, but they also directly support some pioneering organisations delivering a positive social impact or conservation initiatives across the world.

All of the amazing guides and hosts selected for this collection have an impressive and proven track record of delivering positive results in their environments and communities. Proceeds from every booking are put directly towards achieving that mission so you can enjoy your adventure knowing that you’re helping to build a positive legacy, often just by being there.

In addition to our regular host criteria, our Adventures for Good hosts must tick the following boxes:

  • Every host (whether non-profit, community owned enterprise, or for-profit) was founded with a clearly defined mission to deliver a positive social or environmental impact in the places they operate.
  • A highly focused local mission, developed in consultation with the local community.
  • Proceeds from bookings are reinvested back into delivery of the stated mission.
  • Adventures include meaningful and respectful interaction with members of the community, so visitors can leave with a deeper understanding of complex local challenges.

It is important to state that each and every organisation in this collection is unique in the way they operate, their circumstances, their purpose and mission, so we have aimed to develop a set of criteria that are common to all genuinely impactful organisations, yet allow for that diversity to flourish.

If you have any questions or feedback about our Adventures for Good collection or criteria, drop us a line on [email protected]

These criteria have been developed in consultation with the good people at Tourism Concern UK.

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