Bank Holiday Weekend Specials

Ready made adventures to supersize your Bank Holiday Weekend.

Have a much better weekend.

We'll get you places you never thought your Bank Holiday Weekend could take you.

Welcome to our handcrafted range of unique mini adventures run by awesome local hosts. Forget complex planning, we've taken care of all the details to maximise your time away - you just need to turn up and be epic.

So pick an adventure, and either book a private group for you and mates, or join other like-minded weekenders.

Then head back to the office with a smug look on your face, a pocket full of amazing photos, and the feeling you've had a much longer break.

What to expect

  • Unique, handcrafted mini adventures
  • Expert local guides and hosts
  • Hassle-free, all inclusive packages
  • Best price guaranteed
  • Bragging rights in the office

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