Bom Voo Terms & Conditions

Bom Voo Booking and Cancellation Policy

The following terms have been provided by Bom Voo, and apply to your booking with them, including where you pay them directly. You may also be asked to make payments for your holiday to us. We do this on behalf of Bom Voo, and in this case our terms of payment will apply. Please see our terms here

TERM FOR RADICAL SPORTS Term of responsibility and risk implication agreement of the MOUNTAIN AND MOUNTAIN RIDING ACTIVITIES

For your safety BOMVOO.RIO provides all the equipment required by CBVL (Brazilian Free Flight Confederation). During the course, specialized instructors will accompany and instruct the student.   Name : ________ Nationality:_______ Age: _ years, Passport: _____ RG: ___, Org Exp: _, Date of Birth: __ Address: ________ Est: City: __ Zip Code: _ Email: _________ Tel: __Cel: __ In case of emergency, please advise: _______ Relationship: __ Tel: ______

By this document and in consideration of participation in activities in Mountains (Hiking, Climbing, Paragliding).

  1. I am aware of possible risks that may occur at any time or activity.
  2. I myself, my heirs, legal representatives and close relatives, identified above and undersigned or not, am aware and agree that at this time I assume any responsibility for my actions. Accidents or personal or third party incidents that may occur completely exempting BOMVOO.RIO and its instructors from liability for damages for any kind of damage to the person or property.
  3. As a participant, I assume any and all consequences of my actions during the duration of the activities of the course, as well as in that time preceding and succeeding, that may relate to the aforementioned activity, also I am prepared to obey and respect the Instructor of Flying while performing solo or air activities for safety reasons.
  4. I, myself, my heirs, legal representatives and close relatives (or of lesser participants), exempt and release BOMVOO.RIO and its instructors / monitors and their organizers, employees and agents, under any relationship, authorities, agents or other participants, sponsoring entities, sponsors, advertisers, volunteers, and, if applicable, owners of places used to carry out the exercises, from any legal responsibility, being responsible for any and all material or moral damages caused by me to third parties; and
  5. I certify that I am able to participate in this activity and ensure that I am in excellent physical and psychological condition and that I am perfectly responsible for my actions; and
  6. BOMVOO.RIO reserves the right to postpone, cancel or modify the activity at any time without prior notice, whether due to meteorological, safety and / or force majeure reasons. And that no refund, refund of the amount paid will be charged by my legal grantors, heirs or relatives.
  7. I freely acknowledge and assume all known risks, and I understand that, like any other physical activity, the practice of free flight is in courses, flights and / or related activities are at risk of accident, such as injuries, fractures and total assumption responsibility for my participation and / or my legal guardian;    AFTER YOU HAVE READ AND UNDERSTOOD THIS TERMS OF LIABILITY AND AGREEMENT OF RISK IMPLICATION AND HAVE UNDERSTOOD YOUR TERMS, UNDERSTANDING THAT I AM DISCONTINUING SUBSTANTIAL RIGHTS,



____, __of____of 2018.


Payment Terms

A deposit of 25% is required to secure the booking. Final balance is due 30 days before the trip start date.

You can cancel bookings on these terms, and will be refunded accordingly:

31 days or more before departure: we refund 100% of holiday cost, less any deposit paid. 30 days or less before departure: we refund 0% of holiday cost.