Cool Sierras

Mountain Biking and Road Cycling Breaks

Riding bikes in stunning locations, immersed in ancient and unchanging landscapes rich with history and untamed nature. Getting away from the crowds to ride in tranquil wilderness and sharing those moments with great friends

Howard Jones

No longer in the “middle” of middle age, but still a keen cyclist, on road and off. Still enter competitions (the Trans-Portugal is great..) Completed the Marmotte twice, doing the Marmotte Pyrenees this year (2016). Prefer small groups of friends enjoying the roads and trails to hustling with hundreds of others and competing for seats in the Cafe`s. Cazorla provides a perfect place to ride: very little traffic, fantastic range of breath-taking climbs that you have to yourself, diverse terrain, a deep sense of connection and permanence with the landscapes. Cycling in Cazorla is transcendent and challenging. The few small towns and villages are quiet (apart form Cazorla which is a bustling hub) and nowhere serves Watneys Red Barrel

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