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We are the leading local tour provider for discovering Catalonia, the Pyrenees, Northern Spain and Portugal.

Kokopeli is a mythological wandering figure which appears in the tradition of many Indian tribes such as the Hopi the Waihukam and the Zoni in the south and western parts of north America. According to myth, Kokopeli influenced fertility, fertility of the earth and the transition from winter to spring. By tradition, Kokopeli used to go from village to village playing his flute and bringing happiness and making everything flourish wherever he went. His appearance always enriched the lives of those who came in contact with him.

Kokopeli, as he appears in our logo is a combination of the traditional Kokopeli together with another wanderer, Snufkin, the lovable figure from T. Jensen’s books. This combination of the two figures represents for us the enriching element of the travel experience. The spiral of smoke which comes out of our Kokopeli’s pipe in the logo evolves into the route he walks. The spiral, like life itself, is dynamic.

Our progress in life is not a straight line that leaves the past behind, neither is it a circle which returns to the starting point, but rather a spiral movement. Each experience or event in our life creates the movement, and like in a spiral, we distance ourselves from what was in order to return to it from a different view point, a new outlook, so that the spiral becomes our route through life.

Kokopeli was founded out of our passion for sharing the wonders of Barcelona and the Pyrenees Mountains. Our dynamic and knowledge team will help you see the highlights and discover the hidden jewels of this rich tapestry called the Pyrenees. Whether it is cycling, kayaking, canyoning in thermal waters or longer trips trekking & 4x4 trips on off road tracks in the mountains we let you set the pace, showing you the sights like an old friend. Our customized trips allow you to combine history,  nature and adventure in the measures you want making the trip an unforgettable experience.

Awaken the Nomad in You with the Kokopeli team!

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