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Our aim is to share our passion for the mountains and create an awareness of the threatened high alpine environment. Visiting the Alps, our clients get amazed by their own capabilities as well as the beauty of the rock and ice landscape of the high Alps. While having the adventure of their lives, they learn how to minimize their impact on the alpine environment, and open their eyes for the global problems of shrinking glaciers and progressive damage to the alpine eco-system.

It is very much in the self-interest of alpinists and skiers to save our mountains and ensure that regulation of mountaineering stays minimal in the Alps.

All our guides are local UIAGM/IFMGA qualified mountain guides, who are experienced skiers, climbers and instructors. On all our skiing and climbing courses we implement the transfer of environmental education and information to clients and team members, and manifest good mountaineering ethics.

On our mountaineering and ski touring courses we use established hut systems to limit the human traces on the glaciers, the erosion problems and to preserve the alpine flora. Group sizes are limited to small numbers. We implement a “leave no trace” policy at all times.

Always providing local guides, we can guarantee a successful experience for the clients. Knowing the area and the current conditions is the most important in order to safely challenge and educate our guests. Working where we live, means no traveling for the guides, which reduces the effects of the heavy traffic and also the price for our clients.

With correct practice of our activities we can preserve the sensation of a wild an unexplored place also for the next generation of alpinists.

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