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The Chain Gang

We cycle around beautiful parts of Italy, France and the UK. And then we eat like Kings.

The Chain Gang provides either hybrid bikes or road bikes for our cycling holidays.

We don’t have any mountain bikes in our fleet as we don’t go anywhere that’s rough enough to need one, and for cycling on roads they’re frankly too much like hard work.

We’re Good

Every area we’ve chosen is fascinating in its own right - whether for the scenery of Provence and the Dordogne, the chateaux of the Loire Valley, or the hill towns and renaissance architecture of Tuscany and Umbria.

On our tours we aim to explore everything that’s best about a region, and to provide the most interesting itinerary of any cycling holiday company.

Gourmet Food

One of your tour guide’s most important jobs is to make sure that the wherever we are, the chef in the restaurant ot the hotel, caters to your needs.

This means, you receive the best in regional traditions, but also the best of what’s freshly prepared and available on the day.

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