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Why Use Us?

Our unique cycle holiday tool allows you to request offers from matching operators, guides and accommodation bases across top road biking destinations in Europe.

Save Time

If you are heading out on a cycling holiday, why spend hours searching the web to find the perfect itinerary? Just tell us what you are looking for and sit back and wait for offers to come in from specialist cycling operators, guides and accommodation providers.

Uncover local specialists

We work with hundreds of local, independent and cycling mad specialist providers. Some of them you may have come across before because they are leading names in cycle holidays and tours around the world, whilst others are small, owner run companies specialising in cycling in their local area, who you would struggle to find otherwise.

Great for groups

All your bike holiday offers will go on to one private page (your ‘TripWall’). From here your whole group can compare and discuss options, check providers’ websites, ask questions and request changes, then proceed to book direct with them when you are happy. No more confusing email threads and communication breakdowns!

Easily compare unique itineraries

Rather than browsing ‘off the shelf’ cycle holiday options, why not discover how unique and tailor made your bike holiday could be once the companies know your exact requirements and are able to put something together for you that ticks all the boxes.

Privacy Protected

We don’t share any of your contact details with cycle holiday operators we alert to your requirements, so you will never get spam emails or sales calls.

Guided or self guided?

Choosing between guided cycle tours and self guided holidays is certainly one of the first things you will need to do.


Guided cycle holidays are certainly the most hassle free and safest way to go. You can forget about route finding stress, carrying your baggage, or sorting yourself out if you get a puncture, mechanical problem, or are just a bit tired – normally vehicle back up is not far away!

Guided holidays are also carefully organised to make sure everyone is at a similar level of fitness, skill and ambition. This means you won’t need to worry about being the slowest, or being held up. It is also a very sociable way to cycle, and many people often make new friends they team up with for next year’s holiday too! In more challenging destinations in third world countries you might consider a guided trip a prudent way to travel – barring anything else above, having someone with you who understands the local language and culture is highly advisable.

Self Guided

For many, self guided cycle holidays offer the perfect blend of independence, flexibility and self sufficiency, combined with all the benefits of local expertise, route planning and administrative support in booking accommodation, organising transport and luggage transfers when required.

They are also naturally a cheaper cycling holiday than fully guided holidays, and allow you and your group to travel at your own pace throughout. They are popular in ‘culturally easier’ travel destinations such as Europe, but are less prevalent in challenging destinations where the services of a guide becomes important for safety reasons above all, and where the cycling holiday infrastructure is less well developed.

What to expect

All in all, cycling is a great way to discover a new destination. You will find yourself rolling through towns, villages and environments you never thought you would, have time to breathe in every fold of the landscape, and really get under the skin of the local culture. Not to mention that a cycling holiday is going to get you fitter and healthier than sitting on the beach - there’s certainly no problem having that extra cheeky treat at lunch time, and you can have an extra beer or two in the evening, guilt free!

The term ‘cycling holiday’ however is a bit of a catch all term disguising a myriad of holiday options catering to all levels of interest, expertise, fitness and ambition. You probably already have a good idea of what you fancy doing, but just in case, here is an overview of the common options, and what to expect from them.

Road Biking

Think smooth tarmac, lycra, super light bikes and a desire to push yourself – though don’t let that put you off! Road biking holidays are becoming ever more popular, and trips cater to all levels of fitness and experience. They are beautiful way to explore a destination whilst ramping up your fitness, whether you are touring from place to place staying in a new accommodation each night, or staying in a fixed accommodation base and heading out each day on new circular rides.

Typically road biking holidays are more common in destinations in Europe, North America and islands like Mallorca or the Canaries, where the roads are of a good quality, and the drivers respect what you are about!

Cycle Tours

Generally a cycle tour can be considered to be a more relaxed affair, and lycra somewhat less obligatory! The beauty of touring is that they enable you to explore a massively diverse range of places, from Morocco to the Alps to Cambodia! So long as there are roads or good quality tracks, you can go on a cycling holiday there. You may be self sufficient, loading all your kit onto panniers and cycling from place to place, or you may opt for the convenience of having vehicle support taking your luggage from one stop to the next.

Depending on your fitness and ambition you might be looking to cover big distances each day, or meandering along from village to village enjoying long lunches and regular drinks stops! Cycle touring bikes are typically sturdier and more adaptable than road bikes, allowing you to comfortably ride on rougher terrain, juggling on road, off road and bad roads around the world! If you want to spend more time off road than on, you should be looking at mountain bike holidays.

Training Camps

Not reserved for elite athletes, but certainly the domain of those looking to improve their road biking whilst also enjoying a good excuse for a holiday. You will typically split into groups of similar ability and enjoy daily rides of varying lengths, led by an experienced cyclist. Back at camp you’ll be able to relax in the comfort of your hotel or local resort, with fitness sessions for the super keen, other sports facilities and plenty of time to explore the local area and do proper ‘holiday’ stuff too!

Where to cycle?

We currently offer our cycle holiday finding service in top destinations in:





More are being added regularly. Here is a few ideas to get you started:

Tougher Road Biking Holidays

Those with a high level of fitness and ambition might fancy tackling the gruelling, dramatic terrain and infamous Cols of the Alps, Dolomites, French Pyrenees, Spanish Pyrenees, or Sierra Nevada.

Islands like Mallorca or the Canaries are popular for cycle training camps, typically in spring and autumn when it is not so hot.

Explorer Cycling Holidays

Don’t be put off by cycle holidays in the ‘tougher’ destinations above. All have plenty of flatter loops and rides in the valleys for those wishing to explore the beautiful alpine scenery and picturesque villages. Just state your preferences when you enquire, and operators will be glad to tailor to you.

You may prefer the more leisurely rolling hills and explosion of culture and history in places like Tuscany, Massif Central (central and southern France), Provence and Catalonia, or even cruising taking in the chateaux’s of the Loire Valley.

Islands like Mallorca and Sardinia promise perfect weather and relaxed beach side resorts when you are out of the saddle.

Further afield you might take you bike to explore the wonders of Morocco, or even rural Cambodia.

The beauty of a cycling holiday is that is can take you anywhere you want, and is a wonderful way to scratch under the surface of a country. You will see places and meet people you wouldn’t by any other travel mode.

There are cycling holidays all over the world covering different types of terrain and requiring different levels of fitness. It is a good idea to spend some time getting a feel for the itinerary and distances before deciding on the right cycle tour for you.

To get a feel for it, we suggest you read our guides to some of the popular locations, but don’t let that restrict you!

Dealing direct with the operator through us allows you to ask any questions, and they will always be on hand to provide you with the best tips and local insights.

When to go?

Nothing can beat zipping along the tarmac in just a jersey and shorts, so summer is the obvious choice, particularly in the mountainous regions. In the Alps, Dolomites and Pyrenees temperatures range from 25 to 30C in summer, so it is certainly still hot, but generally manageable especially as you get into altitude.

It’s well worth looking at spring and autumn trips too - especially if where you are headed is particularly hot in the summer. Places like Mallorca for example are a popular cycling holiday destination, but the majority of trips are run between March and May, and September to October, when roads are quieter and weather cooler. If you do go in the high season you will want to be leaving at dawn and home by 10/11am each day!

Closer to the equator and year round cycling holidays become a more realistic option - the Canary Islands for example are a great place for early season training!

Kit list

This very much depends on which operator you choose for your cycling holiday. They will all confirm exactly what they can and can’t provide for you. Many will provide hire bikes if necessary, however you will often be required to take your helmet, and certainly cycling clothes.

Long days on the saddle mean that lycra is a great option for road cycling. Wicking materials and padded shorts will make life a lot more comfortable. If the weather might be variable, or a little chilly, arm and leg warmers, as well as a thin shell layer can easily be carried in jersey pockets until use.

Bike fit is critical on a road bike, so if you can take your own, then we would suggest you do so - just pack it well in a dedicated bike bag/box or grab a cardboard box from a friendly bike shop. We’d definitely recommend taking pedals to fit your shoes, and preferably your favourite saddle, for that added comfort.

If you are self guiding you will want to take a basic tool kit – a set of allen keys, puncture repair kit, spare inner tubes and a pump at least. GPS, a phone and local emergency numbers are often provided for you too by self guide holiday operators, who will also ensure you have a planned route with your overnight stops pre booked.


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