The Amazon

Explore the magnitude and diversity of the world's largest rainforest, looking out for monkey, toucans and jaguars while paddling the giant Amazonian rivers.

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Go deep in the Amazon

Stretching over 5 million km2, 8 South American countries, home to 10% of world’s animal species and accounting for 20% of world’s water supplies, the Amazon is in most people’s bucket list. And no country has this magnitude more apparent than Brazil, where it surfaces 60% of its territory.

Explore the enormity of the Amazon rainforest with one of our epic jungle adventures. Go Kayak and camp in the jungle for a unique Amazonian experience or follow one of our Canoeing expeditions down the Amazon or the Tapajós river. You will be sleeping in hammocks in traditional Amazonian boats while canoeing and sailing down the world’s largest river through nearly 900km.