Climb Mount Damavand

Observe Asia from the 'roof of Iran', the world's most accessible 5000-metre plus mountain.

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Mt Damavand is the highest volcano in Asia, and is known as the “roof of Iran.” Located in the Alborz region, Mt Damavand is rightly the symbol of Iran.

Although climbing Mt Damavand is safe (there have been no eruptions on record) the noxious, rotten egg-like fumes smelt at the crater lead some to believe it is potentially active.

Being only two hours from Tehran, Mt Damavand is one of the most accessible mountains over 5,000 metres in the world.

There are over 16 routes to the top. Many opt for the southern route due to the hot springs, whereas the western path is renowned for its breathtaking sunset panoramas. The recommended time to ascend Damavand is from June to September. Most hikes up Damavand take four to five days, including time to acclimatise.

Hike up the ‘roof of Iran’ with our handcrafted itineraries through the most trusted local guides.