Climb Mount Kazbek

Summit Eastern Europe’s mythical sleeping giant.

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Mount Kazbek (5,047m), the highest mountain in Eastern Georgia is an extinct volcano in the Caucasus region that sits on the border of Russia and Georgia.

Shrouded in mythology, this is the place where Prometheus was supposedly imprisoned for being caught red-handed when daring to steal fire from the Gods.

Many attempt to reach the summit each year, and it’s a serious mountaineering challenge that requires fitness, some mountaineering experience and a healthy dose of grit.

Although the hike is technically straightforward, experienced guides are highly recommended when navigating crevasses and the varying weather conditions.

The first day takes you over the Gergeti Glacier, to the Betlemi Hut at 3650m. The next day is usually spent acclimatising, with the summit attempt starting at 2 am the following morning, and usually taking about six hours. The final 150-metre push requires some basic rope work.

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