Climb Mount Triglav

Tackle heart-trembling via ferrata as you scramble to the top of Slovenia’s highest mountain.

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Climbing Mount Triglav (2,864m) in the Julian Alps is as much about heritage as it is height.

Known as the peak of three heads, Mount Triglav is significant culturally and geographically, featuring prominently in Triglav National Park and on Slovenia’s national flag. This makes hiking in Slovenia popular with tourists and locals alike, who in high summer arrive in droves.

The most popular route to the top of Slovenia’s highest mountain takes two days from the Krma Valley. You’ll spend the first day hiking to Kredarica Hut (2,515m), before tackling 400 metres of via ferrata to the summit and descending on day two.

Experienced hikers can test their mettle (and nerve) on Mount Triglav’s North Face, a 1,000 metre-high limestone wall, traversable only by via ferrata. Take the Prag route to ascend by ladders and cables before walking where the Triglav Glacier once creaked.

Within approximately an hour’s drive of Ljubljana airport, Mt. Triglav promises an exhilarating weekend hike. Design your own adventure there with our local guides and itineraries.

Triglav National Park

Hiking through Triglav National Park, the only national park in Slovenia, reveals a landscape of contrasts. In the valleys, you’ll discover lush oases brimming with wildlife and medicinal herbs, skirted by forest, rivers and lakes. But as you ascend, the karst landscape takes over, exposing desolate limestone slopes.

Summer temperatures hover around 20 degrees Celsius, creating pleasant conditions for hiking in Slovenia. There are many trails to choose from within the park’s 880 square kilometres, including several routes to the eponymous mountain’s summit from both Krma and Vrata Valleys, the latter of which is known as ‘the door to the mountains’.

If you’d prefer to take in Triglav’s imposing North Face from a lower altitude, the 12km, three-hour Triglavska Bistrica trail will give you incredible views. You’ll also meander past the rushing Peričnik Falls and along the river from which the trail takes its name.

Lake Bled

The calm, turquoise waters of Lake Bled charm visitors year-round and Bled Castle is the perfect vantage point from which to soak them up. A short hike from Bled brings you to the 12th-century, baroque castle, which keeps watch over the water from its hilltop position.

There are plenty of scenic trails that begin close to the lake. You could hike the 1.6km-long Vintgar Gorge to experience the foaming falls that froth through the canyon. The start of the two-day trail up Mount Triglav from the Krma Valley is also just an hour’s drive away.

Afterwards, cool off with a dip in Lake Bled itself. Summer’s warmer waters welcome wild swimmers, who join the lake’s resident pike and perch. If you’d prefer to stay dry, jump into a pletna boat and listen to the legend of the 16th-century sunken bell as you row to the lake’s island.