Climb Snowdon

Hike through green pastures and clouded hills to Britain’s favourite high point.

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At 1,085 metres, Mount Snowdon is the highest point in the British Isles outside of the Scottish Highlands, with views across 24 counties, 29 lakes and 17 islands.

This wet, wild and rugged peak sits in the Snowdonia National Park and is the third most visited attraction in Wales.

Mount Snowdon, the old English for ‘snow hill’, was created by pre-historic, volcanic activity and has been sculpted by glaciers ever since. As a result, Snowdon’s pyramidal peak is surrounded by a network of jagged ridges that all offer a different route to Britain’s best vantage point.

This Great British peak is a decent challenge in itself and is an ideal starting summit for those with their sights set on bigger beasts abroad.

Conquer Britain’s tallest mountain with our handcrafted itineraries through the most trusted local guides.

The Snowdon Challenge

The Snowdon Challenge is a popular, day-long hiking, biking and kayaking challenge through the Snowdonia National Park.

The Snowdon Challenge starts with a 17-kilometre cycle along the banks of the glacier-formed Llyn Padarn (Lake Padarn).

You’ll then ascend Snowdon for three hours via the boggy marshes and zig-zigs of the seven-kilometre Rangers Path, the oldest path to the summit. After having a rain-permitted scour of Wales and beyond, the descent via the gradual eight-kilometre ‘Llanberis path’ beckons.

The final leg will require a welcome hiking boot/kayak trade, as you paddle for four kilometres along the banks and lagoons of Lake Padarn.

This day-long conquest is popular amongst those looking to train themselves, challenges themselves and raise money for charity. However, be prepared for the indecisive moods of Great British climate.