Gorkha and Manaslu Treks

Hike through the foundation of modern Nepal.

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When hiking through Gorkha, you’ll follow in the footsteps of the famous Prithvi Narayan Shah, (who unified Nepal in 1769) and past the iconic Durbar Palace, that overlooks Ghorka’s traditional market town.

British Army’s famous Ghurka Battalion originated in Ghorka, and the annual Dasain procession takes place through the town’s heart, marking Nepal’s biggest national holiday.

The Manaslu circuit trek starts from Ghorka and skirts the foothills of Mount Manaslu, the world’s eighth highest mountain (8,163m). It has all the tea-house charm of the more well-known Himalayan treks but attracts around a tenth of the trekkers.

From Ghorka, you can also reach the Tsum Valley. Only opened for trekking in 2008, the Tibetan-influenced Tsum Valley is one of Nepal’s most secluded valleys, and few adventurers have ever set foot here before.

Discover the Manaslu region your own way with our handcrafted range of itineraries the best local guides.