Hike the GR20

With dramatic peaks, windswept craters and roaming wildlife, the toughest hiking trail in Europe awaits.

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Famed as being one of the toughest hiking routes in all of Europe, Corsica’s GR20 is one of the most challenging yet rewarding hikes you can take on.

Stretching from the northwest of the island to the southeast, the GR20 hiking route covers a total distance of around 200km. It takes over two weeks to trek the full length of it, so it’s more commonly split into two routes; the north and the south.

The north route is by far the trickier of the two, but both require an element of hiking experience and a good level of fitness to undertake. Whichever route you choose, summer is the best time to head there, to ensure the climb is safe, manageable and visually stunning.

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The North Route

The more physically demanding route of the two, GR20’s north route is awash with steep ascents, challenging descents and an incredulous rocky terrain that’s as hostile as it is breath-taking. Between the peaks, though, you’re rewarded with lush meadows and glistening lakes, offering a welcome rest bite from the climbs.

Conquer Corsica’s highest summit, Monte Cinto (2706m), venture along the Verghio Pass and cross the traditional footbridge at Tolla. Your six days of hiking reaches its climax with a final trek through the Agnone Valley and some amazing views from the summit of Punta Muratello, making every bit of the scramble worthwhile. The hike takes place in June, when the weather should be warm and dry, but cooler at altitude.

The South Route

If you’re not quite ready for the northern route, but are still a keen hiker and up for a challenge, then consider GR20’s southern route instead. It may be less difficult, but it’s certainly not lacking in beauty; covering areas such as the vast terrain of Bocca Palmente, the rocky Punta Capella summit and the mirror-like waters of Punta di a Scaddatta. The pinnacle of the trip is experiencing the famous Needles of Bavella; a series of jagged, red granite spikes, which dominate the landscape.

Providing a taste of authentic Corsica, you’ll delve into the island culture and soak up all of its beauty, trekking between 20-25kms on multiple days. You’ll stay in mountain refuges each night and should encounter warm and dry weather during the day, but colder temperatures at night. Fly to Corsica’s Ajaccio Airport for your week-long adventure.