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Hike through Europe’s unconquerable alpine region.

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When hiking through the capital of Georgia’s alpine Svaneti region, you’ll see traditional, defensive watchtowers sit in the foreground of the snowy, 5000-metre peaks.

The Soviets followed in the Ottoman’s footsteps in failing to conquer this region, due to the brutal winters and the natural, mountainous barriers. But if you ask a Svan, it’s due to their medieval watchtowers carefully overlooking the towns and foothills.

This previously inaccessible region has been opened up to early-adopting hikers by the recently established flight paths to the capital Tbilisi.

The remote village of Ushguli, sitting at the foot of Georgia’s highest peak Mount Shkhara (5,200m), is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Europe’s highest settlement. From here, you can hike to the intriguingly jet-black Shkhara Glacier.

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