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Carve your own route through untracked snow with backcountry skiing in the Carpathian Mountains

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Formed 50 million years ago, the Carpathian Mountains are only now hitting their snow sports stride. From December to April, snowfall transforms the High and Low Tatras ranges, forming ski runs up to 5.5km long.

The many and varied ski resorts offer both on-piste and off-piste skiing, but it’s the tree-skiing through spruce and pine that makes for the most unique experience. It’s readily accessible, with 41% of land being forest here.

And while the highest peak – Gerlachovsky Peak, standing at 2655m – pales in comparison to the gargantuan Alps, shorter queues, lower prices and less crowded slopes more than compensate for the lower altitudes.

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Head further south into the Low Tatras mountains of central Slovakia and you’ll experience backcountry skiing at its best. There are over 46km of slopes to take on, with the chance to ski on both the easier north and more challenging south faces of the mountain, where steep gullies define the terrain. Skiers will appreciate the easy access to chairlifts and cable cars to maximise their time on the slopes.

In Jasna, the most unforgettable skiing occurs when you head off-piste, zig-zagging through the coniferous trees. You can also still be skiing as the sun sets here if you target the 990m illuminated slope at Biela Put, which is open from 18:00 until 21:00.

Tatranská Lomnica

Set in the High Tatras mountains, the appeal of this Slovakian ski resort is two-fold. First is the chance to carve up the snow in a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where blindingly white slopes butt up against craggy, snow-scattered peaks. Second is the 1300m drop on one piste - a serious adrenaline hit. You have to ski it to believe it, but only the bravest dare.

Don’t let that deter you if you prefer your skiing to be slightly less vertigo-inducing. There are also 6km of gentler slopes on which you can hone your skills in this remote, mountainous region.

Štrbské Pleso

This is the highest altitude ski resort in Slovakia and is home to 8km of groomed pistes. At the heart of the resort is the lake that shares its name, which remains frozen for much of the ski season. If you want to get the most unique views of it, then head out on the 3km cross-country ski trail that wraps around the lake’s icy mass.

It’s not only cross-country skiing that this resort is sought-after for. There’s also exhilarating night skiing on offer, as well as a snow park that has more obstacles than an assault course, if you fancy swapping your skis for a board.

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