Kayak and Hike with the Pohatu Penguins

Everything you'll need for an unforgettable mini-adventure in the Pohatu Marine Reserve on Banks Peninsula.

What to expect

Just outside Akaroa lies the Pohatu Marine Reserve, home to some of the most spectacular scenery and wildlife on the Banks Peninsula, and the largest Little Penguin colony on the mainland. Local guardians Shireen and Francis have been working in penguin conservation for the past 25 years.

From your base in a quaint cottage on a small coastal bay nestled between dramatic volcanic headlands, you can sea kayak amongst seals, dolphins, penguins, oysters catchers, petrel and shear-waters, hike sections of the world famous Banks Peninsula track, and take time to soak in the scene from your private beach.

The Basics

Duration: 2 days

Start and finish: Akaroa, Banks Peninsula

When: Aug-Jan best (breeding season) April-Aug can be good viewing too.

Difficulty: Open to all

Fly to: Christchurch

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