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12 Weekend Adventures to Fuel Your 2019 Late May Bank Holiday
February 19, 2019

If you’re itching for your next adventure, why not scratch it with a trip out into the wild this May. From rafting remote rivers to kayaking and wild-camping on uninhabited islands, the late May bank holiday offers the perfect chance to get away whilst preserving your precious time off.

So if you’re looking to escape the nine-to-five, here are twelve unique adventures, all leaving around the bank holiday weekend (25th-27th May).

1) Learn to Surf in Cornwall



Learn everything you need to know to pop up and catch a wave back into shore on some of the best breaks in Europe. Take a lesson, surf, have some lunch on the sand, surf, then head back to your woodland wild camp and spend the night in a luxury bell tent, before doing it all again the following morning.

Little fact: Cornwall’s awesome surf is caused by an Atlantic low-pressure system that sends a reliable swell right onto the county’s beaches.

Trip dates: Saturday 25th – Sunday 26th May

Days off work: 0

2) Sea Kayaking and Wild Camping in Estonia



Cross calm waters, explore shipwrecks and let your worries melt away in a teepee sauna before enjoying a traditional dinner with the locals and catching a lift back to your tent in the local equivalent of an Uber. It’s a tractor.

Little fact: The Soviet-era wrecks that dot the area have now become unique nesting areas for birds.

Trip dates: Friday 24th – Sunday 26th May

Days off work: 1

3) Sea Kayak the Greek Islands


Deep blue water, pristine beaches – welcome to the Prigiponisia, or Prince Islands, famous for their laid-back atmosphere and unspoilt beauty. You’ll paddle from island to island around the archipelago, snorkel, swim and explore sea caves, enjoy a coffee in a traditional Greek café and camp on a different, remote beach every night.

Little fact: The uninhabited island of Thilia has some of the best snorkelling in the Ionian Sea.

Trip dates:  Saturday 25th – Sunday 26th May

Days off work: 0

4) Raft the Tara River in Montenegro



Tackle rapids, soar across a canyon on a zip line, squeeze through a narrow section that’s just 4 metres wide and relax over a delicious Montenegrin meal in the ravishing and UNESCO-protected wilderness of The Tara River Canyon – and that’s just on the Friday.

Little fact: The Tara Canyon is the deepest and longest in Europe.

Trip dates: Thursday 23rd – Sunday 26th May

Days off work: 2

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5) Isle of Skye Photography Workshop



We don’t say this lightly, but there is nowhere quite like the Isle of Skye – mountains, waterfalls, lochs, desolate plateaus, deserted beaches, all creating one of the most photogenic landscapes on earth. Fortunately, you’ll have an award-winning photographer on hand to help capture this haunting landscape and its indigenous wildlife to the full.

Little fact: One of the absolute jewels of Skye is the Quiraing, a dramatic landscape created by a massive, ancient landslide.

Trip dates:  Saturday 25th – Monday 27th May

Days off work:  0

6) Kayak and Wild Camp in the Norwegian Fjords



Start with an unforgettable paddle down the Nærøyfjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and then explore the magnificent cliff faces, seal colonies and rarely visited waterfalls that surround it. That done, set up camp on the shoreline and wake in a Norwegian paradise.

Little fact: The cliffs surrounding Nærøyfjord rise up to 1,700 metres high.

Trip dates: Friday 24th – Sunday 26th May

Days off work: Half a day

7) Adventure Hiking in Slovakia



Roam the forests, canyons and more than 350 caves that make up the aptly named Slovak Paradise National Park using a series of trails, ladders, bridges and catwalks to get around. You’ll also visit multi-story waterfalls and thermal pools and descend into the mysterious Fireplace Gorge.

Little fact: The Park protects more than 65 endangered species, including the seriously cute European Otter. No, you can’t take one home.

Trip dates: Friday 24th – Monday 27th May

Days off work: Half a day

8) Surf, Cycle and Tapas in Andalucía



Unforgettable, mesmerising, endlessly fascinating – and that’s just the food. From the laid back beach town of Conil de la Frontera you’ll catch some waves, followed by a little tapas, ride your bike through the gorgeous countryside, enjoy traditional Andalucían food – just make sure you leave some space for a local tapas tour afterwards.

Little fact: During summer the street cafes in Conil de la Frontera are buzzing from early afternoon well into the night.

Trip dates: Friday 24th – Sunday 26th May

Days off work: 1

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9) Hiking, Canyoning and Rafting in the Slovenian Alps 


Perfect if you’re short on time but full of energy, you’ll explore the Triglav National Park, raft the mirror-clear Soča River, jump off cliffs and bridges, canyon narrow channels and spend a little time in Bled, one of the most beautiful alpine towns in Europe.

Little fact: Mount Triglav is Slovenia’s national symbol and features on its national flag.

Trip dates: Friday 24th – Sunday 26th May

Days off work: 1

10) Kayak and Wild Camp Sweden’s West Coast Archipelago


With its rocky cliffs, sheltered bays and more than 8,000 uninhabited islands, Sweden’s Bohuslän coast offers some of the best kayaking in Europe, if not the world. As well as wild camping right on the beach, you’ll visit picturesque villages, glide across serene waters and fish for your supper off the rocks, before cooking it up over an open fire.

Little fact: Fika, the Swedish tradition of stopping everything for a coffee and cake break, is more a national state of mind than simply a snack.

Trip dates: Friday 24th – Monday 27th May

Days off work: 1

11) Conquer Mount Toubkal, Morocco


From the non-stop souks and food stalls of Marrakech, you’ll climb through the lovely Toubkal valley and spend the night in a high altitude refuge, before tackling the 4,167-metre summit of Mount Toubkal – the highest peak in North Africa, just as the sun rises over the High Atlas Mountains.

Little fact: The Roman scholar Pliny described the High Atlas Mountains as “the most fabulous in all of Africa”. We can’t disagree.

Trip dates: Friday 24th – Monday 27th May

Days off work: 1

12) SUP, Hike and Paraglide in Slovenia


How often do you get to SUP through the heart of an ancient city, hike into the mountains, enter a sprawling cave network and paraglide over wine country in a single weekend? You’ll also try a spot of water yoga, take in the view from the Devil’s Bridge and get a little closer to those vineyards just in time for a well-earned drink.

Little fact: Slovenia’s Vipava Valley is best known for its white wines, including a honey-sweet desert wine called Pikolit.

Trip dates: Thursday 23rd – Sunday 26th May

Days off work: 2


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