Author: Elen Turner

Guide to Choosing the Right Hiking Boots

Your hiking boots can make or break a trip. If you’re planning on going on a multi-day trek, you will be spending a lot of time with your boots. So it’s a good idea to get to know them well before you set off, and to choose wisely (or else you might find yourself, quite literally, in a whole heap of pain). Here’s our guide to help you choose the best hiking boots for you. 

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The World’s 10 Best Accessible Summits to Climb

Nobody ever said climbing a mountain was easy (and you shouldn’t believe them if they do). But some peaks are far more accessible and manageable than others. If you’re fit, have trekking experience, and are prepared to sweat, really sweat, there are a number of mountains around the world with attainable peaks. Here are ten mighty mountains that might just be within your reach.

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7 Tips for Travelling Around Nepal

Nepal may look small on a map, but its mountainous and hilly terrain, poor road quality and mountainous airstrips make getting around more of a challenge than many travellers realise. Here are a few important tips to remember when travelling around Nepal, whether by road or air.

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