Author: Much Better Adventures

Norway’s 3 Great Hikes in Winter

A guide to the Norwegian trifecta of Preikestolen, Kjerag Boulder and Trolltunga in the colder months. A few years ago, Norway became top of everyone’s adventure hit-list. The dynamic landscapes, massive seasonal variety and culture of outdoor living are to blame. Not to mention the region’s undeniable instagram-ability. But what happens to these places in the ‘off-season’?

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Trekking on a Sleeping Giant | Hiking Mt Rinjani

Mt Rinjani, in North Lombok, is the volcano that dominates the landscape from Bali. The volcano, sitting at 3,726m, has a hot spring in its caldera, a welcome relief for visitors on the mountain. Recorded eruptions from 1876 onwards have caused a new cone to poke through the luscious blue waters. Needless to say, the mountain has a visual impact like no other, and is an essential hike for any active thrill seeker.

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