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Trekking on a Sleeping Giant | Hiking Mt Rinjani

Mt Rinjani, in North Lombok, is the volcano that dominates the landscape from Bali. The volcano, sitting at 3,726m, has a hot spring in its caldera, a welcome relief for visitors on the mountain. Recorded eruptions from 1876 onwards have caused a new cone to poke through the luscious blue waters. Needless to say, the mountain has a visual impact like no other, and is an essential hike for any active thrill seeker.

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Morocco | Summit to Surf

A guide on how to go from the summit of Mt Toubkal to the warm, peeling waves of Taghazout. The dusty, bustling souks of Marrakech, the rugged High Atlas mountain range, Taghazout’s peeling right-handers and of course, famous Berber hospitality.

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“Look Mum, I Did a Mountain!”

In the opening pages of the non- fiction book ‘Into Thin Air’, author Jon Krakauer describes a desire he harboured since childhood to conquer Mount Everest. When given the opportunity to join the now-infamous expedition of 1996 that claimed the lives of eight mountaineers, he jumped at it.

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