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4 Places You Should Definitely Visit in Slovenia

Europe’s secret that’s getting out. Slovenia is becoming recognised as an influential player on the world’s sustainable tourism stage. As a result, it has been named the world’s first ‘Green Destination’ by the Netherlands based NGO, Green Destinations. Slovenia is helped by its improving infrastructure, the breathtaking national park, a world class mountain range, astonishing karst cave systems and the competitive price tag.

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Are the Northern Lights Really Disappearing?

The Northern lights are an elusive phenomenon at the the best of times. Historically, they have been surrounded by as much superstition and mysticism as science. The Vikings thought it was a sky bridge between their Gods and Earth. The Sami people saw the lights as visible sound. However, what we know today about them now makes them even more magical.

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6 Reasons Why Slovakia is the Next Big Thing

When I say the word ‘Slovakia’, do you think of an adventure destination? Have you ever thought of going there? Could you point it out on the map? I’m going to guess your answer is no. But this unassuming, central European country has the all the ingredients to see it bite at the heels of the tourism behemoths of France, Croatia, Turkey and Greece.

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