Your Best ‘Grams from 2018

If you follow us on Instagram then you’ve already seen that 2018 was one helluva year here at Much Better Adventures, made all the better by our awesome community. In celebration, here’s just a snapshot of what happened – this is Much Better Adventures through your eyes.

Last Minute Adventures

Need an adventure ASAP? We’ve rounded up all the trips running in the next few months that still have a few slots open on them. Join good people on a proper adventure, and get your 2019 off to a flyer!

5 Reasons Why Weekend Adventures Are a Much Better Use of Your Annual Leave

We’ve all done it before, haven’t we? Reached the end of the year and realised we’ve either thrown all of our annual leave at one big holiday or become part of the third of all Brits that never got round to using it all up in the first place. Next year, you vow silently to yourself, next year will be different. Here’s why your 2019 should be all about the weekend adventure to max out your annual leave, and a few ideas on how to spend it. Vive le weekend warrior.  

10 Epic Kayaking Trips For Beginners in 2019

Going abroad for a kayaking adventure is just a pipedream for most people. After all, it must be a whole lot of work to organise a trip out on the water in another country, right? Actually, wrong! It’s super simple. And if the answer to that question had been ‘right’, we probably wouldn’t have written this article. Here are 10 stunning bucket list-worthy kayak trips that we’d recommend for beginners.

6 Reasons Why You Should Go Wild Camping

Nothing makes you feel like a proper, real-world, adventurer quite like wild camping. It’s camping dipped in Tabasco sauce, outdoor sleeping that’ll put hairs on your chest, a night under the stars where the raw realism of it all makes it seem like you’re part of some secret club. If you’ve done it before, you’ll know that already. If you haven’t, we’re here to tell you why you, your family, your friends, your enemies and even that friendly bloke in the cornershop who you buy milk off some time should take their next camping trip for a walk on that there wild side.

Use It or Lose It: 12 Trips for Your Remaining Holiday in 2018

Annual leave – the most precious thing ever created and a chance to do all the things you wish you could do – if only you didn’t have to work. Unfortunately, and despite your best intentions, it’s also all too easy to hoard your leave until it’s too late, or even worse do nothing with it whatsoever, unless you count playing on your Xbox or rediscovering daytime drinking. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. If you still have leftover leave remaining, here are twelve incredible adventures all departing before the end of December.

8 Alternative Adventures to Try out in Slovenia

Nearly 60% of Slovenia is covered in lush green trees and forests, and when you consider the picturesque lakes, the crystal-blue rivers and the seemingly endless waterfalls found throughout the country, it’s no wonder Slovenia, a country with a population of just two million, is becoming a bit of a hotspot for adventurers looking to tread off the beaten track. Here are a few of our top picks for the best alternative adventures to try out in Slovenia.

5 Balkan Countries That Should Be on Your Radar

When you picture classic holiday destinations, you’d be forgiven for not immediately thinking of the Balkans. We reckon that’s a crying shame though because the Balkans are actually home to some of the best adventure destinations and experiences that Europe has to offer. There’s epic mountain ranges here for one thing, spectacular rivers and canyons for another, and, most importantly of all, pints of beer for under £1.50. Honestly. What more could you want?

Our Top 15 Most Wish-Listed Adventures

What makes a great adventure? Whatever it is, we all have places we just can’t wait to visit – which is why we put the little clickable heart beside each of our trips, so you can wish-list that perfect adventure. But then out of sheer FOMO, we wondered – what are the most frequently-hearted adventures on Much Better Adventures? Here’s what we discovered…

Kayaking and Wild-camping Sweden’s Saint Anna Archipelago

The Saint Anna Archipelago (or Sankt Anna) is a maze of 6,000 islands, islets and reefs best experienced by kayak. Because of Sweden’s ‘Right of Public Access’ concept, visitors are allowed to roam free and pitch a tent wherever, as long as you respect and protect the wild. As a result, its impossible to have the same adventure twice.

In it For The Long Haul | 9 Big Adventures for 2019

We’re big believers in the power of a weekend adventure to refresh your spirit, but sometimes nothing but escaping to the other side of the planet will do. So if you’re looking to put as much distance as possible between you and work in 2019, we’ve scoured our collection to shortlist nine adventures we bet none of your friends can say they have done.

The 20 Best Hikes In Europe

When your feet are getting a little bit weary of that long, sometimes wobbly, amble back from the local pub, why not spice up their lives a bit and get them out in the fresh air. We’re not talking barefoot, that can only come to no good, local boozer or otherwise, but rather an epic hike around some of the best trails and treks found in Europe. Here’s our top 20 to set you, and your feet, off on the right foot.

12 Adventure Ideas for Stags who Hate Stag Dos

If you’re looking for something a bit more creative than just another pub crawl, or you want to give the groom something he might actually enjoy, then here are twelve stag-friendly adventures that you could be leaving on soon, or planning in the future – from navigating the canyons of Montenegro to learning survival skills in the wilds of Scotland.