From Edinburgh and Beyond | Ten Awesome Adventures Flying out of Edinburgh Airport

Not content with being drop-dead gorgeous and sporting a castle built on an extinct volcano, Edinburgh’s redeveloped airport and new tramline linking it to the city have now made it easier and more convenient than ever before as the starting point for an adventure. So if you’re looking to escape the call of the pub, or want to do something seriously incredible with your time off, here are ten amazing adventures all leaving direct from Edinburgh.

From Brum to the World: Ten Adventures Leaving Direct from Birmingham Airport

As well as being one of the youngest cities in Europe, with 40% of its population under 25, Birmingham also has more canals than Venice, and with the third biggest airport in the country on its doorstep, it’s also the perfect starting point for an adventure. So if you want more from your weekend, or are looking to make the most of your hard earned time off, then here are ten unbelievable adventures leaving direct from Birmingham.

Adventure Hunting | Ten Unbelievable Trips Direct from Manchester Airport

Now the most linguistically varied city in Europe, Manchester was also voted best UK city to live in 2015, beating London for the second year running. Added to which it has the largest and busiest airport outside London, linking it to more than 200 destinations worldwide. So with that in mind, here are ten incredible adventures that you could soon be leaving on direct from Manchester – from exploring a hidden mountain plateau to hunting for the Northern Lights.

Norway’s 3 Great Hikes in Winter

A guide to the Norwegian trifecta of Preikestolen, Kjerag Boulder and Trolltunga in the colder months. A few years ago, Norway became top of everyone’s adventure hit-list. The dynamic landscapes, massive seasonal variety and culture of outdoor living are to blame. Not to mention the region’s undeniable instagram-ability. But what happens to these places in the ‘off-season’?

5 of Tasmania’s Best Mini-Adventures

Tasmania. Cold, wet, not much to see, not much to do. If this is what you still think about Tasmania, then you’d better read on. This diverse, dynamic little island has been going through a cultural make-over that is forcing its mainland counterparts to pay attention.

4 Places You Should Definitely Visit in Slovenia

Europe’s secret that’s getting out. Slovenia is becoming recognised as an influential player on the world’s sustainable tourism stage. As a result, it has been named the world’s first ‘Green Destination’ by the Netherlands based NGO, Green Destinations. Slovenia is helped by its improving infrastructure, the breathtaking national park, a world class mountain range, astonishing karst cave systems and the competitive price tag.

6 Reasons Why Slovakia is the Next Big Thing

When I say the word ‘Slovakia’, do you think of an adventure destination? Have you ever thought of going there? Could you point it out on the map? I’m going to guess your answer is no. But this unassuming, central European country has the all the ingredients to see it bite at the heels of the tourism behemoths of France, Croatia, Turkey and Greece.