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The Gateway to the Arctic | Nickie’s Photo Story

Much Better Adventurer Nickie Hursthouse and her partner recently spent the weekend on our Northern Lights and Arctic wildlife sailing safari in Tromsø, Norway. Apprehensive that neither Norway’s fabled Northern Lights or the Arctic’s rich marine wildlife would show their face, mother nature played a blinder. This is Nickie’s story…

Tearing Down the Tara River | A Photo Story

Every quarter we invite our crowd investors on an adventure to catch up and talk about plans afoot. Last summer we opted for Montenegro, and adventure photographer, Callum Thompson joined the party. Naturally, we asked him to share some of his epic shots from the trip and let us know what when down whilst he was there. This is his story…

Lessons from the Arctic | Dog Sledding in Norway

Our friend and Much Better Adventurer, Pete McEwan, recently returned from an epic 5-day hut-to-hut dog sledding expedition in the Arctic Circle. “City boy” Pete regales us with tales from his Arctic adventure, the joys of bonding with your pack, and the shame of coming a cropper 15-minutes in.

Why We’ve Partnered with Cool Earth

Ever since our inception, Much Better Adventures has been on a mission to conserve and protect the planet’s wild places. This is not some empty promise that we shine a light on once in a while to make ourselves feel better about actively partaking in the travel industry, it’s serious stuff, and we don’t take it lightly, not one jot.

How to Train for Your Next Big Trek

We’ve all got a closet hiker within us according to long-distance hiker and President of Ramblers Cymru, Will Renwick. Below he shares some of the valuable lessons he’s learnt on the trail about preparing for multi-day hiking adventures, and how to get you from the office chair into that fresh mountain air. 

Guaranteeing Happiness

Over the last few weeks, a few things have happened here at HQ that have got us thinking about whether we could guarantee the quality of our trips or not. I thought I’d share that process with you.

How a Marathon Can Change the World

We all know that running is good for you, both physically and mentally, and that marathons, fun runs, and everything in between, raise substantial amounts of money for amazing causes worldwide. They raise awareness, bring people together and inspire millions to slip into their running shoes, all whilst doing good things for others.

How Financial Incentives are Helping Conserve Wildlife in Laos

The Nam Et-Phou Louey National Protected Area (NEPL NPA) is located in the north-east of Laos and is the largest protected area in country. It has a remarkably rich wildlife biodiversity with a wide range of species, many endangered, including the critically-endangered Northern white-cheeked gibbon, six species of cat, two species of bear, a wild dog dhole, to name few.

The Vjosa | Save the Blue Heart of Europe

I stumbled upon the Vjosa situation by chance. I’d been waxing lyrical to a journalist about how and how and why we believe adventure tourism can be a force for good. Indulging me, they mentioned a local rafting company in Albania that was fighting to block the construction of a dam on Europe’s last wild river in the hope of turning the whole river into a national park and grow adventure tourism along its banks.

Trekking on a Sleeping Giant | Hiking Mt Rinjani

Mt Rinjani, in North Lombok, is the volcano that dominates the landscape from Bali. The volcano, sitting at 3,726m, has a hot spring in its caldera, a welcome relief for visitors on the mountain. Recorded eruptions from 1876 onwards have caused a new cone to poke through the luscious blue waters. Needless to say, the mountain has a visual impact like no other, and is an essential hike for any active thrill seeker.

Morocco | Summit to Surf

A guide on how to go from the summit of Mt Toubkal to the warm, peeling waves of Taghazout. The dusty, bustling souks of Marrakech, the rugged High Atlas mountain range, Taghazout’s peeling right-handers and of course, famous Berber hospitality.

“Look Mum, I Did a Mountain!”

In the opening pages of the non- fiction book ‘Into Thin Air’, author Jon Krakauer describes a desire he harboured since childhood to conquer Mount Everest. When given the opportunity to join the now-infamous expedition of 1996 that claimed the lives of eight mountaineers, he jumped at it.

Seeking Solitude in the Icelandic Highlands

When was the last time you enjoyed total solitude? Even if only for a weekend. Welcome to the Icelandic Highlands; the perfect retreat from the buzz of everyday life, and the ultimate playground for hiking, skiing, fishing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, stargazing, aurora-hunting and kiting.

A Team Trip with a Difference

The Screwfix team spent a weekend in the depths of Finland stand-up paddle boarding, canoeing, feeding reindeers and camping in suspended tents in a lake-side forest. We caught up with Andy Moat, the trip organiser, to see how the trip went, and what impact it had on the team.

Hiking to the Blue Flames of Ijen

Our local host in Ijen Kawah, Indonesia tells us about his past life as a sulphur miner, and how running his hiking tour company gave him and his family a viable alternative.

Are the Northern Lights Really Disappearing?

The Northern lights are an elusive phenomenon at the the best of times. Historically, they have been surrounded by as much superstition and mysticism as science. The Vikings thought it was a sky bridge between their Gods and Earth. The Sami people saw the lights as visible sound. However, what we know today about them now makes them even more magical.

Peak Experiences in Nepal

We caught up with one of our guides in the Himalayas. He told us all about his life as a mountaineer, the moments he’s had on the mountain and his vision of the future of tourism in Nepal.

The Atlas Lottery | One Epic Weekend in the Atlas Mountains

Josh Beech on his epic weekend in the Atlas mountains, and his subsequent travel gamble. I hadn’t been on an adventure travel kind of trip for a very long time. I had a mate who was very hesitant at first. He then came across your website. You guys have a wide range of trips that all look amazing. Then I eventually bit the bullet and said to him “Mate, we’re booking this today,” and just we went for it.

Packrafting New Zealand’s Fiordlands

We caught up with Arno Marten, the man behind our pack-rafting experience in New Zealand. Arno tells us about the growth of pack-rafting, the Fjordland, and how he swam the West Coast of New Zealand. 

Paddling the Nærøyfjord | Catherine Allen in Norway

Much Better Adventurer, Catherine Allen, tells about her weekend kayaking, hiking and wild-camping in the Norwegian fjords. I’m getting into sea-kayaking, so it was a good taster for me to try some kayaking away from lakes and rivers, which is what I’d been doing up until now. And the Norwegian fjords is somewhere I’ve always wanted to see. This trip was a great way of combining both of these in one neat, short package.

Wolf Tracks in the Wilderness

We caught up Marcus Eldh, the man behind our wolf-tracking experience in Bergslagen forest, Sweden. He told us about where his idea for his tour company came from, and about the history of the unique ‘Kolarbyn’ huts.