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10 of the Best Adventures in the Swiss Alps

The Swiss Alps have been an adventure hotspot ever since the summit of the 4,158m Jungfrau was first reached way back in 1811. And the adventure opportunities across Switzerland haven’t aged badly in the 200 years since…

Can You Go Wild Camping in the UK?

Can you go wild camping in the UK? Quick answer: yes. Long answer: the rest of this article! Click to read about uk wild camping, where it’s illegal, where it’s not and everything in between.

Are You Ready for the Backcountry?

So, you’ve been skiing for a few years now on a variety of different ski holidays, and you feel confident throwing yourself down red pistes in the resort. It’s a lot of fun and you enjoy zooming past all the slower skiers, but you’re hungry for something a bit different, something new, something more exciting. You crave to go further afield and you keep looking up at the surrounding peaks in the distance. What would it be like to ski over there, and more importantly, how do you get there?

The Beginner’s Guide to Trekking the Tour du Mont Blanc

If trekking the Tour du Mont Blanc is not already high on your bucket list of treks to nail this year then it most definitely should be. Right up there with the likes of Nepal’s Annapurna Circuit and Peru’s Cordillera Huayhuash trek, but much closer to home, the Tour du Mont Blanc is among the most iconic multi-day treks in the world, and for very good reason.

10 Must-Climb Volcanoes Around the World

The idea of climbing a volcano has a bit of an Indiana Jones air to it – jumping over streams of running lava, dodging flying rocks. We’ve scoped out some of the best volcanoes to climb around the world. They range from challenging ascents for serious climbers to easier hikes that any fit traveller can attempt.

The Northern Lights: 10 Frequently Asked Questions Answered

There are two types of Northern Lights in the world. The kind that are on every free spirit’s bucket list, and the ones they put on in Blackpool every year. No shade on the northern seaside town but I think we can all agree, right here right now, that recounting the time you went on an Arctic Circle adventure is a better story for the pub than telling people that you went to that place where they sometimes film Strictly.

5 Unmissable Treks in the Indian Himalaya

The Himalaya spans from far-northern India to far-eastern (and beyond). The high peaks and their foothills appear in twelve states and include barren high-altitude plateaus, snowy massifs, alpine forests, steamy jungle, and more. The Indian Himalaya is diverse, wild in parts, and extremely beautiful. Perfect territory for some multi-day treks, and offering something for almost every kind of trekker. Here are some of the best.

11 Tips for Hiking in Sub Zero Conditions

Hiking in the cold is also different to hiking in the freezing cold. We’re talking about the times when the temperature drops sub-zero, and sometimes, when it’s a good 20 or 30 degrees Celsius lower than that. Think icicles, troublesome snot and frozen waterfalls – the days when all of those three things can actually amalgamate into one. These tips will not only serve you well for a hiking trip in the coldest of cold, but equally any sub-zero adventure that sees you exposed to the extreme cold or snow for sustained periods of time. 

The World’s 10 Best Accessible Summits to Climb

Nobody ever said climbing a mountain was easy (and you shouldn’t believe them if they do). But some peaks are far more accessible and manageable than others. If you’re fit, have trekking experience, and are prepared to sweat, really sweat, there are a number of mountains around the world with attainable peaks. Here are ten mighty mountains that might just be within your reach.

The 7 Best Places to Go Hiking in Slovenia

Slovenia may be one of the smallest countries in the Balkans but it is teeming with thousands of kilometres of hiking routes – with trails ranging from super easy ambles to hectic via ferrata, and everything in between. Here’s our pick of the 7 best regions to go hiking in Slovenia.

35 Things You Should Consider Packing for Your Hiking Trip

There’s a fine line between being prepared and over-packing in any situation. But when it comes to packing for a long-distance trek or even just a challenging day hike, coming down on the wrong side of that line could potentially mean severe discomfort or even injury. We learnt the hard way… learn from our mistakes.

7 Tips for Travelling Around Nepal

Nepal may look small on a map, but its mountainous and hilly terrain, poor road quality and mountainous airstrips make getting around more of a challenge than many travellers realise. Here are a few important tips to remember when travelling around Nepal, whether by road or air.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro | Which Route Should you Choose?

There is perhaps not a more important choice when trekking Kilimanjaro than the route you choose. A detailed breakdown of each route will help you make the right decision and avoid the pitfalls that I fell into. Here’s a snapshot of each of the routes to help you along your way…

Leave Only Footprints | 12 Tips for Responsible Trekking

If you want to keep the balance, and the trails accessible to everyone in the future, respect must be paid to the physical and cultural environments you visit. Trekking responsibly is, well, it’s your responsibility. With that in mind, here are 12 tips to ensure you leave only footprints. 

The Beginner’s Guide to Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

There are many reasons why Kilimanjaro is scribbled onto the bucket list of most adventurer ’s minds. The most obvious of these reasons may include the fact it is the highest free-standing mountain in the world. But how do you go about it? Which route do you choose? When should you go? How fit do you need to be and what equipment do you need? Here’s everything you need to know to get started.

5 Remote Trekking Routes in Nepal’s Far West

Although Kathmandu doesn’t lie in the geographical centre of Nepal, everything west of the capital is considered to be Western Nepal; anything west of Pokhara is considered Far Western. And Far Western Nepal is very remote, wild, in large parts poor, and difficult to access. But all of that just adds to the adventure of trekking there!

5 Epic Treks in Eastern Nepal

Aside from the Everest region, Eastern Nepal sees few international visitors. But, the area is home to Mount Kanchenjunga—the third highest mountain in the world—at one extreme, and more gentle rolling tea fields at the other. That is, it’s perfect territory for a range of trekking needs.

8 Mountains You Should Climb in the United Kingdom

With plenty of UK mountains ready for you to conquer, you don’t have to travel far to put yourself to the test. From the biggest to the smaller, lesser-known climbs that still have a lot to offer, there are mountains to suit all abilities – so there’s no excuse not to give it a try. Before setting out, ensure you’re properly kitted out in sturdy walking boots, and with waterproofs, warm clothing and emergency food. Let someone know where you’re going and when you’ll be back, and check the weather forecast before you leave. If you’re ready to accumulate the vertical but are lacking inspiration, we’ve got you covered.

5 Great Routes to Summit Mount Triglav

Slovenia’s highest peak, Mount Triglav (2864m), is the most venerated mountain in the country. Considered a national symbol, the summit appears on the country’s flag and coat of arms. That said, you’re not a true Slovenian if you don’t climb Triglav at least once in your life. Lying majestically in the heart of the Julian Alps, Mount Triglav is both technical and physically demanding, but oh so worth it… 

6 Treks Around the Langtang National Park in Nepal

Aside from its sheer beauty, the Langtang Valley is a popular trekking destination because of its relative accessibility from Kathmandu. The Gauri Shankar Conservation Area (GSCA) is just a little further east, but is visited less often, somewhat overshadowed by the Langtang Valley and also the Everest region, which lies just to its east.

Trekking in the Mustang District of Nepal

The Mustang district – north of Pokhara, up the Kali Gandaki Gorge – is geologically, topographically and culturally quite distinct from much of the rest of Nepal. Mustang sits in the rainshadow of the Himalaya, meaning that the warm, wet monsoon that sweeps up the Indian subcontinent and into Nepal between June and August is stopped by the Himalaya, keeping Mustang dry.

The 7 Highest Peaks to Trek in Morocco

Morocco is a country of rugged peaks and endless trails. The highest peaks in this North African state, which is dominated by the Rif mountain range in the north and the Sahara Desert in the south, promise some of the world’s most spectacular views, making the hard work to get there more than worth it. Here are Morocco’s 7 highest peaks that are just waiting to be conquered…

Trekking in and around the Kathmandu Valley

Almost all travellers to Nepal have to stop in the capital city, Kathmandu, as it is home to the only airport in the country. And while the city’s cultural sites are worth a look, it’s also easy to get out into nature from the dusty metropolis and do some worthwhile day and multi-day hikes without going far from the Kathmandu Valley.

7 Things to Know Before Travelling to Nepal

Guidebooks and blogs are full of useful information, but nothing beats the first-hand advice of someone who has been somewhere and made mistakes and inaccurate assumptions. Here are seven things to know before travelling to Nepal from someone who’s been there, done that, and learned from the experience.

Hike the Best Section of the Via Dinarica

The Via Dinarica is a mega-hiking trail, which extends from Slovenia to Albania and reveals the stunning wilderness and rich culture of the Dinaric Alps, an area that is still relatively undiscovered by hikers all around the world.  

6 Great Hikes in Spain and the Canary Islands

There are many famous hiking trails in Spain, most notably the Camino de Santiago. However, if you are looking for the most satisfying trails in Spain, keep reading for the top 6 relatively easy hiking trails to get you started on your next trip to Spain.

Where to Go Mountain Biking in France

The varied terrain across France means you can enjoy a lot of different mountain biking experiences. Its rolling hills and towering peaks are magnets for mountain bikers of all kinds. From gentle rides through the countryside, to multi-day bike packing adventures, France has something for you. 

Trekking in the Everest Region of Nepal

The Solukhumbu District of eastern Nepal is where Mount Everest sits – or, half of it, as the mountain is actually right on the border between Nepal and Tibet. It’s comprised of two regions: Solu, at lower altitudes, and Khumbu, at higher altitudes. The Khumbu Valley is where many of the popular treks in the region pass through. Solukhumbu is also home to the Sagarmatha National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Top Tips for Hiking the Beautiful Dolomites

A Dolomites hiking adventure isn’t just about the trails, though they are certainly world class. It also brings you into contact with the intriguing heritage of the region, which sits at the crossroads of Italian, Austrian and Ladin cultures.

Beautiful Hiking Ideas Around Lake Garda

As well as lakeside pursuits and watersports, Lake Garda is a truly excellent destination for outdoor adventures. The shoreline of Italy’s largest lake tops 150 kilometres, and the surrounding landscape offers hundreds of kilometres of walking trails from easy rambles to demanding multi-day hut to hut itineraries.

4 Must See Road Cycling Routes in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The thrills and joys Bosnia offers in the realm of road cycling are second to those of mountain biking, but this does not mean some great road cycling can’t be experienced in Bosnia. Being wise about your choice or road and time of riding are the main factors towards making road cycling in Bosnia and Herzegovina enjoyable and experiencing its beauty on two wheels.

4 Mountain Bike Trails You Need to Try in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Having the majority of its territory covered in mountains, Bosnia and Herzegovina has great mountain biking potential. The mountains are filled with trails of all kinds, suited to every skill level, with access to starting points being easy in the majority of cases. The cycling season in Bosnia starts from Spring (usually from mid or late April, depending on weather) and usually lasts until the middle of Autumn.

Karsts and Rock Rings | A Guide to Hiking in Bosnia and Herzegovina

While it may belong on the list of small European countries, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s mainly mountainous and rugged terrain makes it a truly attractive hiking destination. The fact that the now famous, and highly recommended, Via Dinarica passes right through Bosnia and Herzegovina, with Maglić and Prenj as some of its main highlights, says a lot about Bosnia’s hiking potential.

Rocks and Ruins | Hiking in Bulgaria

Nestled among soul-stirring mountains, picturesque lakes, and golden beaches, Bulgaria is a melting pot of natural wonders.
The Balkan country, located in Southeastern Europe’s geographical area, is a key land between the Old Continent and the Middle East.

Icebergs and Prehistoric Fjords | A Guide to Kayaking in Norway

With its unique mix of mirror-flat fjords, rugged coastline and wildly beautiful islands, Norway is the ideal place to explore by kayak. Nothing beats the feeling of quietly paddling through a pool of deep blue, flanked by towering cliffs, or gliding past icebergs and glaciers in the remote Arctic Circle.

Trekking in Nepal | Where Do You Start?

So you think you might want to go trekking in Nepal? Good choice. Whether you’re an experienced high-altitude trekker or not, there are fun and challenging options throughout the country, with some of the best mountain views in the world.

Preparing for the Piste | Planning Tips for First-Time Skiers

At Much Better Adventures, we believe that everyone should have at least one skiing holiday in their lifetime. But if you’re planning your first ski holiday, where do you start? If you haven’t already guessed, we’ve been on our fair share of skiing trips, so here are a few tips to help any first-timers begin the planning process.