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Your Best ‘Grams from 2018
January 3, 2019

If you follow us on Instagram then you’ve already seen that 2018 was one helluva year here at Much Better Adventures, made all the better by our awesome community.

In celebration, here’s just a snapshot of what happened – this is #muchbetteradventures through your eyes.

1) When you’ve just looked down for the first time and realised where you are.

2) That time you went on a wildlife safari in Tromso but didn’t actually expect to see anything…

3) Or come back with a pocketful of memories and a bunch of new friends.

4) Holy heck that is one mighty river down there, is that what we’re paddling?

5) Happy as Larry and haven’t even got to the sledding bit yet.

6) The selfie to end all selfies.

7) Not your average Sunday stroll.

8) Those smiles after 15 solid days of trekking.

9) A white Christmas with a view.

10) Heading for church.

Big shout out to all our adventurers, and your brilliant photography skills. If you want to get involved, don’t forget to tag us at #muchbetteradventures.