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Our Top 15 Most Wish-Listed Adventures
October 1, 2018

What makes a great adventure? Is it the unmistakable taste of the great outdoors, the self-satisfaction of nailing a summit, paddling hidden caves and coves, or just pretending that the rest of the world has vanished and your office was the first place to go?

Whatever it is, we all have places we just can’t wait to visit – which is why we put the little clickable heart beside each of our trips, so you can wish-list that perfect adventure. But then out of sheer FOMO, we wondered – what are the most frequently-hearted adventures on Much Better Adventures? Here’s what we discovered…

1) Hike, Kayak and Wild Camp the Norwegian Fjords


Kayak the picture-perfect waters of the UNESCO protected Nærøyfjord and spend two incredible nights sleeping under the stars. You’ll camp at the water’s edge, cook over an open fire, visit a remote waterfall for some seal spotting and then hike into the forest to view this beautiful landscape from 1,000 metres up.

2) Bear Watching and Castle Hopping in Romania


After witnessing enormous brown bears feeding from a secret hide, you’ll hike to an isolated Transylvanian castle, wander the buzzing capital city of Bucharest, cross a forest filled with wild boar, wolves and lynx, then spend some time exploring the cobbled streets of the pretty Medieval city of Breslov.

3) Sea Kayak Sardinia in Four Days


Paddle through the remote seascape of cliffs, caves and rocky arches that make up the beautiful Porto Conte Regional Park in Sardinia. You’ll snorkel off hidden beaches, swim in quiet coves, visit ancient ruins, paddle into a cathedral-like grotto and stay on a working farm to experience true, local hospitality.

4) Aurora Camping and Dog Sledding in Norway


Get to know the local Sami people as you drive a dog sled across the untouched northern wilderness. You’ll spend the night in a warm, communal tent, take the reins across breath-taking tundra in search of the Aurora Borealis and play with husky puppies beside the campfire.

5) Hike, Canyon and Raft the Slovenian Alps



Lose yourself in one of Europe’s oldest protected zones – the Triglav National Park. As well as rafting the rapids of the surging Soča River, you’ll canyon through a narrow limestone gorge, enjoy never-ending views from the Vrsic mountain pass and take a leap of faith from a bridge into the deep, blue waters below.

6) Climb Mt Toubkal and Explore Marrakech

After a day exploring the plazas, colourful souk and UNESCO protected main square of Marrakech, you’ll trek through the High-Atlas mountains to the 4167-metre high summit of Mount Toubkal – the highest mountain in North Africa – just in time for the sunrise of a lifetime.

7) Kayak and Camp the Southern Greek Coast


Discover the wild and rugged coastline of the Greek Peloponnese the best way possible – from the water. You’ll sea kayak around Navarino Bay, home to a 13th-century castle overlooking a white sand beach, cliff jump on the secluded islet of Fanari and cook a traditional Greek dinner beneath the stars.

8) Raft, Hike and Canyon in Bosnia

rafting-bosnia hiking-the-via-dinarica-bosnia

Hike a section of one of the world’s top trekking routes, the legendary Via Dinarica trail, across a microclimate that maintains gorgeous spring-like, Mediterranean weather all year-round. From the crumbling hilltop ruins of an ancient castle, you’ll canyon the Rakitnica and Neretva Rivers, relax beside Boracko Lake, then cross the Stari Most (Old Bridge) into Mostar’s historic centre.

9) Climb Mount Triglav and Explore Bled

Set your sights high – 2864 metres high to be precise, as you summit Mount Triglav, the national symbol and highest mountain in Slovenia. After ascending through a peaceful forest, you’ll climb to a mountain plateau for incredible alpine views and explore the pretty lakeside town of Bled, home to an impossibly photogenic island church.

10) Canoe, Hike and SUP in Finland



Take a long weekend deep in the Finnish wilderness, paddling across calm waters, portaging between remote lakes, searching for the absurdly adorable Siberian Flying Squirrel, then spend a night suspended above the forest floor before discovering the waterside bars and restaurants of Helsinki.

11) Raft and Canyon in Montenegro


Tackle one of Europe’s last, great wildernesses as you navigate the course of the Tara River in Montenegro. You’ll blast down fast-moving rapids, swim in hidden, forest pools, camp beneath the trees, and take a dip in the glacial Black Lake – is it pain, is it pleasure? We’re really not sure.

12) Trek the Atlas Mountains



Lose yourself in the dramatic valleys that surround Morocco’s highest peaks. From the trailhead in Imi Oughlad, you’ll accompany your mule train through the beautiful Atlas Mountains, passing cherry and walnut groves and terraced fields fed by fresh snowmelt, then spend the night in a picturesque Berber village in a traditional gite home.

13) Adventure Hiking in Slovakia


Travel into the aptly named Slovak Paradise National Park as you follow a system of trails, ladders, catwalks and bridges deep into the mountains. After crossing some of the most remarkable gorges in Europe, you’ll celebrate your success by unwinding in the waters of a bubbling thermal pool.

14) Waterfall Swimming, Hiking and Kayaking Croatia


Cross Croatia’s most beautiful national parks on foot, bike and kayak, exploring canyons and caves, cycling to the Sladić Winery for a glass or two, swimming beneath the waterfalls of Skradin Buk and kayaking along the intense green waters of the Zrmanja River.

15) Sea Kayak the Greek Islands in 2 Days


Explore the calm, blue waters of the beautiful Ionian Islands on a two-day Greek kayaking adventure. You’ll paddle from island to island, camp on the beach, swim, snorkel, and discover sea caves hidden amongst the rocks, then hang out in traditional Greek cafes and tavernas.

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