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You Did What?! 5 Active (and Unusual) 1 Week Adventures
January 17, 2019

The world is – whatever you think of what goes on within it – still pretty damn good looking… Photo: Getty

If you find yourself getting restless during a day sunbathing on the beach, we hear you. To aid your wanderlust, here are 5 adventures from our active adventure collection that have peaked our collective curiosity here at HQ.

From learning to freedive, to scrambling through a remote wadi in the Omanian desert, these are the trips for those who thrive on doing things their mates haven’t even thought of.

Like all adventures in our active range, you’ll want to be fit and healthy, but won’t need any special experience or training. An open mind and a head for adventure is all you need. Oh, and your passport.

1) Hike, Canyon, Kayak and Explore Oman

This ancient landscape was seemingly built with the sole purpose of offering up a rich, action-packed adventure opportunity. Head from the souks of Muscat to the jagged mountains and summit the highest point in the country. Then slither your way down deep canyons, jumping off waterfalls into the refreshing turquoise pools below. Sleep in a desert camp surrounded by golden sand dunes, and later, incredible stars. Finish up by kayaking the turquoise waters of the Arabian Sea, and try to work out why more of your friends have not already been here.

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2) Hike the Republic of Georgia

Go back in time on a trek through Georgia’s Svaneti region, with some of the highest and least visited mountains in Europe. Passing through medieval villages with their iconic Svan towers and culture-rich churches, you’ll be wondering why it’s taken you until now to get out here.

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3) Learn to Freedive on a Remote Canary Island

Who doesn’t want to be the model in a luxury watch advert? As you plunge into the the crystal waters of the Canary Islands with only your bursting lungs and your ticking watch for company, that moment will be yours.

Experiencing the weightlessness, freedom and deep relaxation of freediving is something to be experienced. This week long adventure on the remote and beautiful island of El Hierro will have you earning your AIDA1 and AIDA2 certifications, while spending your free time soaking up some sun and exploring the island’s many natural wonders. As far as adventures in the Canary Islands go, this is one of the best.

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4) Kayak, Hike and Snorkel Albania

Travel to a part of Europe still untouched by mass tourism to explore mysterious caves, snorkel in remote bays and kayak an uncrowded lake.  Visit an ancient fortified city, explore the beautiful Karaburun peninsula by speedboat and meet a local family in the Tomorr mountains. Come back with a pocketful of photos and a great story or two.

> Kayak, snorkel and hike the remarkable canyons of Albania

5) Kayak the Hidden Coves of Corsica

Explore the sunny, picture-perfect west coast of Corsica on this unique summer adventure. Wild camp on the white sands of countless secret coves, cool off in the turquoise waters, stop at historic fishing villages and debate the meaning of life with your fellow adventurers over another pristine sunset.

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