Get a free trip in return for producing some short video content and a photo story

We’re embarking on an ambitious project to not only curate the world’s best local adventure hosts and guides, but also document them with video and photography.

If you’re a skilled photographer or videographer, we have a proposition for you.

Get out on unlimited free adventures, in return for the following:

  • A simple 60 second GoPro (or similar) highlights video, plus a few short cut downs for social media
  • A 6-8 picture photo story of the experience
  • Raw video and photo files

Examples coming soon!

How does it work?

Check out our list of trips currently available. If you fancy heading out to any of these adventures just let us know in your application to the Creators Network. If we think you’d be a good match we’ll be in touch to let you know the next steps.


What's the pay?

For this project, we are offering a free space on a trip in return for the 60 second highlights video, the photo story and raw footage as described above.

Please check the trip details for a list of what is included and excluded from the price customers would usually pay. You’ll need to cover your own travel expenses and any other extras not included in the trip (see the specific trip details page).

We appreciate that for the professionals among you, getting paid for content isn’t optional. That is why we’ve kept the video and photo requirements deliberately quick and easy for anyone experienced to fulfil in very little time, with just a GoPro in hand. In return for a free adventure, we think the ‘barter’ is more than reasonable, and hope you agree.

We do pay a very fair rate for more in-depth content commissions, and hope to work with you on that basis in the future too.

What's the small print?

If you're picked, we'll ask you to sign a simple content producers agreement between us.

You’ll need to be self-sufficient in producing and editing the video and photo story. We can’t provide any kit or software.

If the work doesn’t meet the minimum standards or editing guidelines provided in advance, we will ask for re-edits.

Unfortunately we’ll have to charge you the cost of trip if we don’t receive the footage listed above within 28 days. Fair deal?

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