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Alpine French School

On our Learn French and Road Biking course explore the mountains during the day, then improve your French when you get back from your day’s adventures.

  • Half board hotel
  • French Alps —Morzine Centre
  • Activity Type
    • Route advice only
    • Fixed base
  • Groups up to 10
  • Features
    • Bar
    • Ensuite rooms
    • Outdoor pool
    • Restaurant
    • Terrace
    • Wifi


Come with us for a truly unique holiday, with an amazing blend of French Language teaching and road cycling! From beginner to expert cyclists, this twist on your standard holiday will be something you won’t forget!

Standard package for one week:

  • Intensive French classes
  • Personalised folder with handouts specific to your course
  • Unlimited access to our online multimedia centre for the duration of your course
  • Meet other students by staying in a shared apartment
  • Cycling route cards, suggestions and advice

Not included but we can arrange for you:

  • Airport transfers
  • One to one French classes
  • Bike hire, guiding or any advice needed


All of our programs are tailor-made to the needs of the individual classes and are relevant to their level and objectives. We always include plenty of conversational activities and our focus is on speaking and listening skills and making conversational activities a priority. Our teachers enjoy keeping up to date with all the latest ideas in education and are constantly developing new fun lessons to ensure that students progress as much as possible while enjoying their learning with Alpine French School.

Most road cyclists come with their own bike and plan their own routes. However we can arrange bike hire and guides if required.

French Intensive Courses

The main aim of our Intensive French courses is for students to improve their ability to communicate in French in a short period. By taking an intensive French course, you will see a real improvement in your level of French very quickly which is extremely rewarding. It is the perfect boost to start your language learning or to step up your level in a limited time period.

What to expect?

  • Small group sizes with a maximum of ten students in our intensive French course
  • Focus on communication and dialogue with lots of conversational interactive activities
  • Use of the French language in real-life situations
  • Useful topics often chosen by our students
  • work on relevant vocabulary and pronunciation to increase your ability to express yourself in French
  • Available for all levels from beginner to advanced
  • 15h per week: 3h per day, 5 days each week

Why us?

Friendly Atmosphere

When you arrive, you will instantly feel at home. With our informal, friendly atmosphere, we really care about our students, their progression and enjoyment. We do everything we can during your time with us to develop your communication skills, provide an ideal learning environment and keep an eye on your well-being and happiness.

Small Group Sizes

Our maximum group size for an Intensive French Course is 10 students but our average is 6. What this small group interaction means is that you’ll get personalised attention from the teacher, making your learning more effective so basically you will improve more quickly.

The School

Our school is tucked away right in the heart of the town. Enjoy our bright classrooms, friendly reception, multi-media centre and student lounge. Our free WIFI means you can read your emails and surf for free on one of the in-house computers or on your phone or ipad.

The location

Our school is in the heart of the beautiful French Alpine town of Morzine. Enjoy skiing and snowboarding literally on your doorstep in the winter, or a range of summer adventure activities such as mountain biking, hiking, climbing and much more in the summer. If that’s all a little too adventurous with you, relax and rejuvenate in the Alpine air, chill out at the turquoise swimming lakes or in a pavement café. If you take relaxation seriously, we also offer French and Yoga courses!


our dynamic management team come from a variety of educational backgrounds and our considerable combined experience makes our school unique. We combine the best from international teaching methods and ideologies with the enthusiasm and innovation offered by our teachers to offer a truly enriching and memorable experience.


You could find yourself in a group in your Intensive French Course with a Brazilian law student, an Australian ambassador, a financial consultant working in Geneva, an oil worker from Africa, a writer from the UK, a professional triathlete or an Olympic snowboarder! Our students come from varied nationalities and backgrounds to make our classes a very interesting place to learn! The one thing they all have in common is wanting to improve their French in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere and to get an insight into the French language and culture.

Teaching Methods

You will go through a variety of linguistic activities during your time with us so that you approach French from all different perspectives and in varied situations from conversational activities, pronunciation exercises, games, quizzes, songs, discussions, comedy sketches, commenting on authentic videos, role-playing in everyday situations so that at the end of the course, you will be readily understood in everyday situations. By speaking French in a friendly school environment and with our partner shops, bars and restaurants, you can practise talking in French in many different situations and this is the key to progression ! Reading, writing and grammar are also developed as the foundations of the language but the focus in lesson time is on oral communication.

Evaluation and Certification

At the end of your Intensive French course with us, you will receive a certificate. After the first 3-6 hours of your course, you will receive a mini-feedback questionnaire to complete to ensure you are happy. Programme


Complete beginner (A1.1):

  • You learn the basics such as counting, spelling and saying ‘I am English, they are at the bakery, we have 2 children, I like running, we don’t like cheese

Beginner (A1.2-3):

  • You learn how to ask questions, use verbs in the present and say what you do on a regular basis and ask questions back


  • You learn how to use most verbs in the present and start looking at how to speak in the past.

Lower intermediate (B1):

  • You can speak in the future, in the past and present but you want to learn more tenses and have more vocab, but also learn how to say ‘he told me.. I saw her..’

Intermediate (B2):

  • You practice more subtle tenses which enable you to be more precise when talking about your life and also practice the intricacies of French language.

Daily Schedule

  • Summer season: 14h-17h15
  • All courses include a 15-minute break
  • Intensive French Courses run Monday-Friday


Apartment/Chalet shared with other students

You will meet other students by staying in our self-catered shared apartments/chalets

  • Single or shared rooms in self-catered apartments or chalets.
  • Great option for students who want some independence but also want to live with fellow students in a nice environment.
  • High quality self-catered accommodation.

From a small studio apartment to a large chalet if you are visiting as a group or with your family, we can find accommodation to suit. Choosing this accommodation option allows you to be more independent outside of your arranged tuition and activities.


Located at 10 Route de la Plagne opposite the tourist office.