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2-Day Winter Hike to Kjerag Boulder

Take a peaceful winter hike to the world-famous Kjerag Boulder and enjoy a night of camping with fjord views.

The Kjerag Boulder is a famous glacial deposit wedged in a cliff 984 m above scenic Lysefjord. The boulder is a crowded tourist destination in the summer, but with a bit of effort you can have it to yourself in the winter! You will take a ferry ride through Lysefjord, then your guide will lead you on a hike to your camp for the night. The next day finish the hike to Kjerag for lunch, then descend all the way to the fjord for your ride back to town. Your hassle-free trip includes:

  • 1 night of winter camping near Kjerag
  • 2 days of professional guided winter hiking and snowshoeing
  • Roundtrip ferry ride through Lysefjord
  • Winter camping and snowshoeing equipment
  • Dinner and breakfast at camp

Perfect for:

  • Adventurers looking for a unique and scenic tour
  • Hikers excited to experience Norway’s winter landscapes
  • Travelers wanting a private visit to a famous tourist attraction
  • Camping
  • Activity Type
  • Groups up to 6


The Plan

Your guide will meet you in the town of Stavanger around noon on Thursday and take you to the start of the hike via a short drive and a scenic ferry ride through Lysefjord. The hike will take place over two days with a night of camping in between. On the second day you will arrive at Kjerag boulder in time for lunch, then descend all the way back down to Lysefjord for the ferry ride and drive back to Stavanger.

Thursday: Pickup in Stavanger and hike to camp

Your guide will pick you up at your hotel or in the town center of Stavanger around noon. After a short drive to the fjord, you’ll board a ferry and enjoy a scenic cruise down the length of Lysefjord to the start of your hike. Looking up from the water you’ll see Kjerag boulder wedged high in the cliffs above you!

Your guide will then lead you 6 km into the wilderness with 640 m of elevation gain to your campsite overlooking Lysefjord. Watch sunset and enjoy the Norwegian stew your guide cooks for you. Tuck into your tent for the night and rest well.

Friday: Hike to Kjerag, descend to fjord, head back to town

Today you will be hiking in the snow. Strap on your snowshoes and walk a further 5.5 km to Kjerag boulder. Enjoy lunch and take photos while soaking in the outstanding views over Lysefjord. That afternoon you’ll hike all the way back down to the fjord, a 12 km hike with 1000 m of descent. Board the ferry for the cruise back to Stavanger, where you’ll be dropped off around 19:45.


You will stay in a sturdy winter tent with winter sleeping bags and sleeping pads provided


Located on the southern Norwegian coast, Lysefjord and Kjerag boulder are very scenic destinations. Lysefjord is a 42-km long fjord framed by huge, sheer cliffs of light-colored granite rock. Kjerag is a glacially deposited boulder wedged into those cliffs overlooking the fjord. Visitors love to climb down onto it for unique (if precarious) photo ops.

Stavanger is a city in southern Norway with a population of over 130,000. It’s famous for its easy access to scenic areas like Lysefjord and Kjerag, and also for its numerous parks and museums.

Start point?
Your host will pick you up in Stavanger either at your hotel or at a meeting point in the city center. Your host will be in touch before the trip to finalise details.

Finish point?
You will dropped off at your hotel or in the city center. Your host will be in touch before the trip to finalise details.

Getting there and away?
Stavanger is served by an international airport with frequent flights to Oslo, London, and many other destinations. The airport is 11 km outside of town and accessible by public transit or shuttle.


What is included?

To maximise convenience, we’ve included much of the travel and logistics:

  • 2 full days of guided winter hiking
  • 1 night of winter camping
  • Experienced, English-speaking Arctic Nature Guide carrying all safety, navigation and first aid equipment
  • Roundtrip ferry cruise through Lysefjord
  • Roundtrip transportation between Stavanger and the ferry
  • Snowshoeing equipment (snowshoes, spikes, poles)
  • Winter camping equipment (winter tent, winter sleeping bag, sleeping pad)
  • Warm footwear and down parkas for time spent at camp
  • Dinner and breakfast prepared by your guide
  • Hot beverages and snacks along the way

What extra costs are there?

The following are not included in the tour price:

  • Flights to and from Stavanger
  • Airport transfers
  • Travel insurance
  • Tips for your guide
  • Lunches and personal snacks

How fit do I need to be?

The hike gains 1000 m of elevation over 12 km of hiking, then 12 km of descent. It is recommended for travelers that are in good physical shape with experience hiking.

What’s the weather like?

Winters in Norway are cold, but due to the warm Gulf Stream current it’s much more pleasant than other countries at the same latitude. Temperatures typically range from -2 to 4 °C in the winter, with snow falling more days than it doesn’t, totaling about 60 cm of snow each month. Many days are overcast, but if you catch a sunny one it will take your breath away.

What’s the food like?

Your guide will prepare a hot, traditional Norwegian food for you. Dinner is usually a hot stew of reindeer meat and vegetables.

Can my dietary restrictions be accommodated?

Absolutely! Just let us know at booking.

What equipment is provided?

All snowshoeing equipment and winter camping equipment is included. Your guide will also carry everything for navigation and first aid. Warm parkas and footwear will be provided for your evening in camp.

What should I pack?

You will need to provide most of your own winter clothing, all of your toiletries, and your own lunches and snacks. Your host will send you a full packing list after you book.