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5-Day Lysefjord Hike

Visit all of the Lysefjord highlights in 4 days of scenic hiking with nights split between camping and hotels

The scenic wonders of Lysefjord are world-famous: the sheer cliff of Preikestolen, the 4,444 wooden stairs in Flørli, the perched Kjerag boulder, and the lesser-known overhanging Hengjanenibbå. On this relaxed hiking tour of Lysefjord you’ll get away from the crowds and into the wilderness as your guide leads you to each of these sights along back trails and through some of the most spectacular scenery in Norway. Your hassle-free trip includes:

  • 2 nights camping in Norway’s wilderness
  • 1 night in an apartment in Flørli
  • 1 night in a B&B in Lysebotn
  • All breakfasts and dinners during the tour
  • Experienced, English-speaking guide carrying all safety, navigation and first aid equipment
  • Round trip transportation between Stavanger and the hike
  • All transportation during the tour
  • Communal camping equipment (tent, cooking and eating equipment)

Perfect for:
This adventure is perfect for experienced hikers who want to take the road less traveled to see all of Lysefjord’s highlights, and want to take their time exploring these locations with long, scenic days on the trail.

  • Apartment / Camping / Guesthouse or B+B
  • —Stavanger > Stavanger
  • Activity Type
    • Walk/trek from place to place, with a guide
  • Groups up to 6


The Plan

Monday: Stavanger to Preikestolen, night of camping (10 km of hiking)

Your guide will meet you in Stavanger around 8:00, and together you’ll take the ferry to the start of your hike at the Preikestolen Mountain Lodge. Communal camping gear will be allocated among your group. Climb a lesser-known trail to the top of Preikestolen (“Pulpit Rock”), a perfectly sheer outcrop of rock that drops a stunning 604 m straight down into Lysefjord. Rest a little and take photos, then escape the crowds by continuing your hike a further 2 hours. Spend the night in hammock-tents in the woods. Your guide will prepare a delicious dinner for you.

Tuesday: Hengjanenibbå to Flørli, night in apartment (10 km of hiking)

The morning’s hike will take you to the abandoned Hengjane Farm and Hengjanenibbå (“Overhanging Cliff Rock”). There are no signs or trails to the rock, so you’re practically guaranteed a peaceful and unique experience with views over Lysefjord. Once rested, continue your hike up and over a mountain plateau, then descend all the way to the fjord. Board a ferry to Flørli, a remote abandoned power plant community situated halfway along the roadless Lysefjord. Enjoy dinner in the former-power-plant-facility-turned-museum, then soak in a waterfront jacuzzi before settling into your apartment for the night.

Wednesday: Flørli to a mountain lake, night of camping (10 km of hiking)

After breakfast you’ll begin your hike by ascending the longest wooden stairway in the world. The 4,444 stairs follow old iron pipes that used to supply water to the power plant. As you climb into the mountains the scenery will gradually change and you’ll be afforded incredible views out over Lysefjord. Once you’ve conquered the stairs, you’ll continue your hike through the mountains along the southern edge of the fjord to a mountain lake where you’ll set up camp for the night. Enjoy dinner and a well-earned night of rest.

Thursday: Kjerag boulder and descent to Lysebotn, night in B&B (10 km of hiking)

On your final day of hiking you’ll head to Kjerag boulder, where you’ll enjoy lunch and have plenty of time to take your own iconic photos of the rock. Kjerag boulder is a glacial deposit wedged in the cliffs 984 meters above Lysefjord. Daredevils often climb down onto the rock for a once-in-a-lifetime photo op! Once you’ve had your fill of the scenery, you’ll finish the hike with a 2-hour, 1000-meter descent to Lysebotn, where you’ll spend the night in the cozy Hauane B&B.

Friday: Lysebotn to Stavanger

Your host will wake you up for an early breakfast and shuttle to the fjord, a few miles distant. There you’ll board the morning ferry to Stavanger. Enjoy the ride and the new perspective on everywhere you hiked over the past four days. You’ll arrive in Stavanger around 9:00 am.


Two nights will be spent camping in the wilderness in tents, hammock-tents, or a tipi. One night will be in an apartment in Flørli. The apartment sleeps up to 8 people (4 people in each of 2 rooms), and provides beautiful views over a remote section of Lysefjord. The final night is spent at the Hauane B&B in Lysebotn. The B&B is an old farm, providing clean rooms, shared bathrooms and a sauna.

Note that the hike starts at the Preikestolen Mountain Lodge. It is recommended that you book yourself into that lodge for the night before the hike instead of meeting in Stavanger so you can start hiking earlier and more easily. You can arrange this at extra cost when booking. The Preikestolen Mountain Lodge is a beautifully situated, environmentally friendly lodge at the start of the Preikestolen trail. It features ensuite rooms (2-4 people per room), a cafe, and a restaurant serving fresh, local foods.


Located on the southern Norwegian coast, Lysefjord is a 42-km long fjord framed by huge, sheer cliffs of light-colored granite rock, including the 604 m Preikestolen (“Pulpit Rock”). Kjerag is a glacially deposited boulder wedged into a cliff overlooking the fjord. Visitors love to climb down onto it for unique (if precarious) photo ops. The abandoned power plant community of Flørli provides a unique getaway with an interesting history and beautiful views over the fjord. The starting point to reach all these locations is Stavanger, a city in southern Norway with a population of over 130,000. It’s famous for its easy access to beautiful mountains, and also for its numerous parks and museums.

Start point?
Your guide will meet you in Stavanger at 8:00 on the first day unless you choose to meet at the Preikestolen Mountain Lodge. Your host will be in touch before the trip to finalise details.

Finish point?
You will be dropped off in Stavanger. Your host will be in touch before the trip to finalise details.

Getting there and away?
Stavanger is served by an international airport with frequent flights to Oslo, London, and many other destinations. The airport is 11 km outside of town and accessible by public transit or shuttle.


What extra costs are there?

The following are not included in the tour price:

  • Flights to and from Stavanger
  • Airport transfers
  • Travel insurance
  • Tips for your guide
  • Lunches
  • Snacks and drinks

How fit do I need to be?

The distance is covered over a leisurely 4 days, but because the hike gains and loses more than 3000 m of elevation in 40 km of hiking while carrying a full pack, this tour is recommended for travelers that are in very good physical condition with previous experience hiking.

What’s the weather like?

Stavanger is warmer and drier than the mountains, averaging 15 °C in the summer months and receiving just 70 mm of rainfall each month. Up in the mountains near Kjerag the temperatures are cooler, so pack layers. Days average 12 °C with nights as cool as 5 °C. It is also rainier in the mountains, with rain falling roughly half the days for a total of 150 mm each month. Sunny days are common, though, and nothing beats a warm day overlooking Lysefjord from 1000 meters up!

What’s the food like?

Traditional Norwegian food in Flørli and at the B&B in Lysebotn includes a variety of fish and seafood dishes, fresh bread, berry jams, reindeer sausage, and more. International food is also served. While camping your guide will prepare hot meals for you, including a very satisfying hearty stew.

Can my dietary restrictions be accommodated?

Absolutely! Just let us know at booking.

What equipment is provided?

Your guide will carry everything for navigation, safety and first aid. Communal camping equipment like tents and cooking/dining equipment are provided. Note that the camping equipment will be divvied up and carried among all members of the group.

What should I pack?

You will need to provide your own sleeping bag and sleeping pad, though these can be rented in Stavanger; inquire at booking. You also must bring your own hiking gear and clothing, including a waterproof coat and trousers, sturdy hiking shoes or boots, thermal layers, snacks and water, and a backpack that is large, comfortable and study enough to carry all your gear. Your host will send you a full packing list after you book. Pack as light as you can as you will be responsible for carrying your own personal gear in addition to a portion of the communal camping gear.