Kayak and Jungle Trek in the Brazilian Amazon

Paddle the waters of this mysterious river, hike through the jungle and then wild camp on its banks. 4 days.

3 Nights

Kayak, hike and camp under the towering forest canopy of the Amazon Jungle. Spot wildlife, swim in waterfalls, discover slow-moving rivers and flooded forests, then star-gaze from the comfort of your hammock.

Your hassle-free adventure includes:

  • 4 days kayaking
  • All kayaking and camping equipment
  • Local transportation to and from Manaus
  • Fully trained, English speaking guides
  • 3 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 3 dinners and snacks
  • Drinking water and Caipirinhas
  • Support boat

Perfect for:

Adventurous travellers who want a unique jungle experience and don’t mind leaving the creature comforts behind to get it.

Need To Know

The support boat will always follow you as you kayak, so as well as ensuring your safety, if you get tired and want to watch the jungle go by you can always jump on board instead of kayaking.

The suggested gear list is:

  • Headlamp or torch
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Towel
  • Swimming costume
  • Wide-brimmed hat or baseball cap
  • Small first aid kit including bite cream and anti-diarrhoea medication
  • Sunglasses with a retainer strap
  • Daypack
  • Small personal dry bag
  • Comfortable walking boots or shoes
  • Cheap canvas plimsolls for walking in the rainforest - often people throw these away after the trip
  • Flip flops/trekking sandals
  • Quick drying clothing including full length trousers and one jumper/fleece
  • Waterproof, breathable rain jacket (or poncho)

Things to note:

  • Please remember to always pack essential items (passport, money, sunglasses/glasses, hiking boots, a pair of shorts/shirt/fleece top/sandals and medication) in your carry-on baggage in case your luggage is delayed.
  • Cotton is good in warm weather, but once it becomes wet it will drain your body heat. Bring clothing that is light in weight and colour, which ventilates and protects you from the sun.
  • If you want to carry your camera while on the water, we recommend a water-resistant camera or case and a safety cord.
  • Plastic bags are the key to keeping clothing and gear dry. Use large sized Ziploc bags to keep wet and/or dirty clothes separate from dry clothes.
  • If you wear prescription glasses, please use a safety cord and bring an extra pair if possible. Contact lens wearers should also bring an extra set, and bring glasses as backup.
  • Please pack lightly and fit all clothing into small to medium sized bags. During the day, you will carry a small daypack with any essentials required.

Your experienced guides will decide on the best itinerary depending on the water level, the fitness level of the group and the weather. Whatever they choose you’ll have a genuine jungle experience including plenty of kayaking, day and night hikes, waterfalls and wildlife spotting.

You need to meet your guide at 08:30 on day one of the trip, and you return to Manaus for 18:00 on day four of the trip. Unless there are very early and late flights operating, you’ll probably find it’s best to stay in Manaus for one night either side of the trip - especially as it’s not unusual for domestic flights in Brazil to be cancelled or delayed. There is a range of accommodation in Manaus, from hostels to 5* hotels, but do book in advance as it can get busy and there’s not an endless number of places to stay.

The trip runs all year round, however from February to July is the rainy season in the Amazon. Expect torrential rain for a couple of hours in the afternoon and high levels of water in the rivers. The dry season runs from August to January when there is less rain and lower levels of water in most rivers - however you are in the rainforest so do expect rain and humidity all year round!

There’s no need to have any prior experience of kayaking, however you should have a good level of fitness.

The only extra costs are:

  • Travel to and from Manaus
  • Hotel accommodation if you arrive prior to Day One of the trip, and if you stay any additional nights after Day Four.
  • Breakfast on Day One and dinner on Day Four are not included

Absolutely! The trip runs with a minimum group of four people and a maximum of eight, so you’ll be kayaking with other like-minded travellers. Lots of people book our trips as a solo traveller - it’s a great way to meet people.

You’ll be camping deep in the Amazon jungle, using basic camping gear and sleeping in traditional Amazonian hammocks covered with a mosquito net. There is a large tarpaulin on top in case of rain, but you should be prepared to get back to basics! Obviously there is no electricity, bathroom facilities will be rustic and you’ll wash in the river and waterfalls.

All of your camping and kayaking equipment is included. Your guides will bring cooking equipment and cook up delicious Brazilian meals for you in the camps, as well as setting up the campsites.

There will also be a support boat with you for the duration of the trip, so if you get tired or just want to take a break from kayaking then that’s no problem.

You should always check any recommended vaccinations with your GP or a travel clinic for the most up to date advice for your entire trip.

Be aware that Yellow Fever is endemic, although well controlled, in the Amazon region. Once vaccinated against Yellow Fever it lasts for ten years and you will be issued with a certificate that you must carry with you when travelling. The vaccination must be had at least ten days prior to travel to take full effect.


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The largest rainforest in the world, covering over 2 million square miles and extending into nine countries, the Amazon is an incredibly bio-diverse ecosystem. Home to tens of thousands of plant species, millions of insect species and over two thousand mammal and bird species, the basin is still home to around 350 indigenous tribes of which over 60 remain completely isolated. The mighty Amazon River is the largest in the world and flows from its source in Peru through to the Brazilian coast, with thousands of tributaries and miles of flooded forest perfect for kayaking. The river itself is home to giant river otters, pink dolphins and the infamous piranha.

Start point?

Your guide will meet you at your hotel in Manaus or at the airport at 08:00.

Finish point?

You’ll return to Manaus at around 18:00 on the final day of the trip and be dropped off at your hotel or the airport.

Getting there and away?

Manaus is a four-hour flight from São Paolo or Rio de Janeiro, so you’ll likely have to factor in a night in the city before setting off on your trip and a night afterwards depending on flight schedules. There are several domestic airlines in Brazil, including GOL, Azul and LATAM - all are comfortable with good safety records.

Travelling from the UK, British Airways operates direct flights to Rio de Janeiro and São Paolo or LATAM flies direct to São Paolo. There is a wide choice of airlines offering indirect flights via Europe or the USA.

What to Expect

Day 1: Head into the Jungle and Kayak

Meet your guide and your fellow kayakers and set off by road into the jungle.

Arrive on the shores of the River Urubu, a tributary of the famous Amazon and where your jungle adventure begins. You’ll receive a briefing on how to use the kayaks and enjoy your first swim in this mighty river and its mysterious black waters.

After lunch you’ll set off kayaking downstream surrounded by the thick jungle, keeping an eye out for blue and yellow macaws as you paddle.

The support boat will always follow you as you kayak, so as well as ensuring your safety, if you get tired and want to watch the jungle go by you can always jump on board instead of kayaking.

Take a break for a snack before a short hike through the jungle to a bat cave.

Paddle on to your campsite for the night, at the base of an orchid-covered cliff, where a refreshing Caipirinha and a traditional Brazilian meal awaits.

Set up your hammock for the night and drift off to sleep surrounded by the sounds of the jungle.

Day 2: Hiking and Waterfalls

Wake up and enjoy breakfast before setting off on foot into the rainforest.

Keeping an eye out for howler monkeys, brightly coloured frogs and macaws, reach your first waterfall of the day.

Relax and recharge before continuing on to a second waterfall, with more wildlife and plant spotting opportunities along the way.

Tonight you will camp deep in the jungle, a real back to nature experience. Experience a night hike, the best way to see the animals that inhabit this wilderness.

Day 3: Kayaking and Fishing

Up early as the sun rises for breakfast. Hike back to the Urubu river, stopping off for lunch and a siesta at one of the biggest waterfalls in the area.

Back into the kayaks, and onto the dark waters of the river. Paddle downstream along this narrow river with the lush green trees overhanging the edges as you float by.

Stop off to try your hand at piranha fishing. It’s completely safe and a unique Amazonian experience!

Arrive at your campsite for the night with a view of the night sky unlike any other with zero light pollution. Take another night hike to try and spot the hundreds of nocturnal creatures surrounding you.

Day 4: Relax as you Return by Boat

Travel upstream on the support boat to head back to civilisation.

Relax and enjoy the scenery as the ride will take three to four hours, take plenty of photos as you retrace your route.

As you travel back by car to Manaus you’ll stop off at the jungle city of Presidente Figueiredo and the River Urubuí, where cafes line the banks of the waters and locals take a refreshing dip.

Arrive back into Manaus in the early evening, where your Amazon experience ends.


You will be camping in the jungle on both nights, using basic camping gear and sleeping in traditional Amazonian hammocks covered with a mosquito net and a large tarpaulin in case of rain. A real back to nature, jungle experience!