Canoe Expedition on the Amazon River - 860km

Paddle down the mysterious Amazon River in outrigger canoes. Sleep on hammocks and explore the jungle. 8 days, 7 nights.

Experience a real-life expedition as you navigate more than 860 kilometres of the mighty Amazon. You’ll canoe by day and sleep in hammocks on deck at night, starting in the heart of the jungle and finishing where the river finally meets the ocean.

Your hassle-free adventure includes:

  • 7 days canoeing
  • All outrigger canoeing equipment
  • Fully trained, English speaking activity and naturalist guides
  • A Global Satellite GPS messenger and wilderness first responder in case of emergency
  • 7 nights sleeping in hammocks on board the support boat
  • 7 breakfasts, 8 lunches, 7 dinners, snacks, water and fresh juices

Perfect for:

Travellers who want to immerse themselves in the physical challenge of a true Amazon adventure.

Need To Know

No! the boat will sail at night and you will be canoeing during the day, alternating with your trip mates.

You should always check any recommended vaccinations with your GP or a travel clinic for the most up to date advice for your entire trip.

Be aware that Yellow Fever is endemic, although well controlled, in the Amazon region. Once vaccinated against Yellow Fever it lasts for ten years and you will be issued with a certificate that you must carry with you when travelling. The vaccination must be had at least ten days prior to travel to take full effect.

You’ll need to pack:

  • Your luggage should weigh no more than 20kg, and not exceed the dimensions 36” height x 18” width x 10” deep as there is limited capacity on board. You will need to carry your own luggage to and from the boat, and we recommend a backpack or holdall rather than a rigid suitcase.
  • Small daypack for water and personal belongings
  • At least two sets of clothes for during the day and two changes of clothes for the evening
  • One pair of long trousers and one long sleeved shirt for evenings
  • Flip flops
  • Trainers or walking boots for hiking on shore
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Sunglasses with a cord attached
  • Wide brimmed hat or baseball cap
  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping mat (in case you wish to sleep on the floor rather than in the hammock)
  • Personal documents and electronic equipment inside a waterproof bag
  • Headlamp or torch
  • Towel
  • Re-usable water bottle (two if you wish to leave one on board the boat during the day)

You will meet in Santarém at midday on day one of the trip, so you’ll either need to take an early flight or arrive the day before. The trip finishes in Belém at 18:00, so book an evening flight allowing plenty of time, or stay overnight and leave the following day.

You can fly to Santarém direct from Belém, Brasiía and Manaus with major Brazilian airlines (LATAM, Gol and Azul).

From Belém, you can fly direct to many national destinations and also to Lisbon with TAP.

The food will be cooked by your guides for you in the campsites and will be typical hearty Brazilian meals, consisting of rice, beans or pasta, with meat, chicken or fish and vegetables and a range of local fruits, all served buffet style onboard the boat.

We can cater to dietary requirements - please let us know at the time of booking.

The trip runs in August, which is the dry season and there is less rain and lower levels of water in most rivers - however you are in the rainforest so you should still expect some rain and humidity. Temperatures are likely to range from 24°C to 34°C.

All outrigger canoeing equipment, paddles, hammocks and mosquito nets are provided.

Absolutely! The trip runs with a minimum group of twelve people and a maximum of twenty, so you’ll be kayaking with other like-minded travellers. Lots of people book our trips as a solo traveller - it’s a great way to meet people.

You should have a good level of general fitness, but there’s no need to have canoed before - all training will be provided at the start of the expedition.

The only extra costs are:

  • Travel to Santarém for the start of the trip
  • Travel from Belém at the end of the trip


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The Amazon is the largest rainforest in the world, covering over 2 million square miles and extending into nine countries. An incredibly bio-diverse ecosystem, the forest is home to tens of thousands of plant species, over two thousand species of mammal and birds and around 350 indigenous tribes, of which over 60 remain completely isolated.

The mighty Amazon River is the largest in the world and flows from its source in Peru through to the Brazilian coast, with thousands of tributaries and miles of flooded forest that make it perfect for kayaking. The river itself is home to giant river otters, pink dolphins and the infamous piranha.

On this trip you’ll travel for around 500 nautical miles, from the city of Santarém in the heart of the jungle, to Belém, where the Amazon River finally meets the ocean.

Start point?

Meet your guides and fellow travellers at the Santarém Marine Club, on Saturday 4th August 12:00.

Finish point?

Your trip ends in Belém Docks at the Floating Terminal on Saturday 11th August at 18:00.

Getting there and away

Your trip starts in Santarém, to which you can fly direct from Brasília, Belém or Manaus. If you’re travelling from anywhere else in Brazil then you’ll need to take an indirect flight with a short stopover – very common when travelling in the country. The main domestic airlines are GOL, Azul and LATAM, all comfortable and with good safety records.

Your trip ends in Belém, from where you can fly direct to most major Brazilian cities, including São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The trip ends at 18:00 so you’ll either need to book an evening flight, allowing plenty of time to get to the airport, or stay overnight at your own arrangements and then travel the following day.

Travelling from the UK, British Airways operates direct flights to Rio de Janeiro and São Paolo or LATAM flies direct to São Paolo. There is a wide choice of airlines offering indirect flights via Europe or the USA.

What to Expect

Saturday - Meet and Board the Boat

Meet your guides and fellow travellers in the jungle city of Santarém, the starting point for your canoeing expedition.

Board the large, local-style river boat that will be your home for the week. After diner and a briefing on your upcoming expedition, settle down for your first night sleeping in hammocks on deck.

Sunday - Paddle to Monte Alegre

Wake up with the sun and eat your first on-board breakfast before setting off in your traditional Polynesian outrigger canoe. Look out for locals using the river as a road, transporting goods and travelling to neighbouring towns and villages.

Share the paddling with your fellow travellers – you’ll rotate in two teams, each canoeing for around one hour, before taking a break for one hour.

Stop for lunch and enjoy the jungle surroundings, before setting off again for today’s destination – Monte Alegra, where you’ll relax under the stars after a hearty Brazilian dinner.

Total distance covered – 120km

Monday - Rock paintings and Giant Trees

Get up bright and early for breakfast, then head out on foot into the Monte Alegra State Park, a protected area of hills and valleys and home to caves holding pre-historic rock paintings – some of the oldest archaeological remains in the entire Amazon basin.

Return to the support boat for lunch, and then head back out onto the river for an afternoon on the water.

Arrive at the tiny jungle village of Prainha, part of the Tapajós National Forest and home to the huge samaúma trees. Known as ‘the queens of the forest’, these vast trees have trunks that can reach up to fifty metres into the forest canopy above.

Experience the unique way of life of the numerous small Amazonian communities, far removed from the modern world and still living off the jungle and river.

Head back to the boat for dinner and time to relax before a big day of paddling tomorrow.

Total distance covered – 70km

Tuesday - Canoe to the River Port of Gurupa

After breakfast set off for a full day on the river and your biggest challenge so far, alternating an hour of paddling with an hour to recharge.

Stop for lunch and a chance to rest and enjoy the jungle surroundings.

Today the support boat will tow the canoes for part of the day to ensure tonight’s destination is reached, so relax on the deck and watch the jungle go by.

Arrive at Gurupa, previously a Dutch trading post and now a busy river port. Eat dinner and watch the local boats travelling up and down as you settle back into your hammock for the night.

Total distance covered – 220km

Wednesday - Canoe to Breves

Up early again today for another full day ahead.

Eat breakfast and then set off in your canoe downriver. You’ll be alternating paddling again, giving you plenty of time to spot the wildlife, or just watch jungle life pass you by, with the support boat on hand to tow you for part of the day.

Arrive into Breves, today’s destination. The town is a bustling river port, with brightly coloured houses surrounding the harbour, all overlooked by the church of San Sebastian.

Wander around the town then head back on board for dinner.

Total distance covered – 180km

Thursday – Visit Macaw’s Island

After two challenging days, it’s time get to take it easier. Paddle to Macaw’s Island to spot the brightly coloured birds in the jungle canopy and enjoy lunch and some time to relax.

After dinner on-board grab the chance to star-gaze from your hammock at a sky filled with stars.

Total distance covered 50km

Friday - Canoe to Barcarena

After breakfast get back onto the river. The Amazon starts to widen now as you head towards the ocean, whilst the jungle still lines the banks.

Today you’ll be alternating turns canoeing once more, giving you plenty of time to enjoy this bustling stretch of the river. The support boat will also tow you for part of the day.

Total distance covered 170km

Saturday - Arrive into Belém

The final day of your expedition. After a last breakfast on board, paddle into the port of Belém, the gateway to the Amazon and a bustling city with a historic colonial centre, alongside modern skyscrapers and roads shaded with mango trees.

Arrive into port around 18:00 where your canoeing expedition on the Amazon comes to an end.

Belém is a fascinating city and it’s well worth staying on for another couple of nights to explore.

Total distance covered – 50km


You’ll experience travelling on the Amazon the way locals do – by sleeping on a river boat. Don’t expect a cruise ship – it’s a simple boat with capacity for 40-50 passengers. On this trip the maximum group size is twenty, plus the crew and guides, so you will have plenty of space to relax. You’ll sleep on hammocks strung up on the decks with mosquito nets to protect you at night. The bathrooms are shared, with an on-board kitchen and dining room for the crew to prepare and serve meals.

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