Kayak and Jungle Trek into the Heart of the Amazon

Wild camp in the rainforest, kayak a remote river, explore caves and go fishing. 3 days.

2 Nights
June, July

Trek into the Brazilian Amazon far from cities and roads. Kayak the mysterious waters of the Urubu River, swim beneath waterfalls and meet the people who call the world’s largest rainforest home.

Your hassle-free adventure includes:

  • 2 nights accommodation
  • All kayaking and camping equipment
  • Local transportation to and from Manaus
  • Fully trained, English speaking guides
  • 2 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 2 dinners and snacks
  • Drinking water and Caipirinhas
  • Support boat

Perfect for:

Travellers who want a true jungle experience and the chance to go days without seeing civilisation.

Need To Know

The support boat will always follow you as you kayak, so as well as ensuring your safety, if you get tired and want to watch the jungle go by you can always jump on board instead of kayaking.

The only extra costs are:

  • Travel to and from Manaus
  • Accommodation in Manaus before and after the trip
  • Breakfast on day one (the trip starts at 08:00)

You should have a good level of general fitness, but there’s no need to have canoed before - all training will be provided at the start of the expedition.

Absolutely! The trip runs with a minimum group of four people and a maximum of eight, so you’ll be kayaking with other like-minded travellers. Lots of people book our trips as a solo traveller - it’s a great way to meet people.

All outrigger canoeing equipment, paddles, hammocks and mosquito nets are provided.

Temperatures are likely to range from 24°C to 34°C, and are fairly stable throughout the whole year as you are close to the equator. February to July is the rainy season in the Amazon, so water levels will be higher in the rivers and there will often be torrential rain for an hour or two in the afternoon. August to January is dry season and water levels will be lower - although rainfall is lower, you should still expect some showers - it is the rainforest after all!

The food will be cooked by your guides for you in the campsites and will be typical hearty Brazilian meals, consisting of rice, beans or pasta, with meat, chicken or fish and vegetables and a range of local fruits, all served buffet style onboard the boat.

We can cater to dietary requirements - please let us know at the time of booking.

Your trip starts at 08:00 in Manaus, so you’ll need to arrive the day before. Manaus has a wide range of accommodation for all budgets. The trip ends at 18:00, so you would need to allow plenty of time to get to the airport if you wish to travel that evening, or add an extra night in Manaus and travel anytime the following day.

Manaus is a four-hour flight from São Paolo or Rio de Janeiro and is well connected with airports throughout Brazil. There are several domestic airlines in Brazil, including GOL, Azul and LATAM - all are comfortable with good safety records.

You’ll need to pack:

  • Your luggage should weigh no more than 20kg, and not exceed the dimensions 36” height x 18” width x 10” deep as there is limited capacity on board. You will need to carry your own luggage to and from the boat, and we recommend a backpack or holdall rather than a rigid suitcase.
  • Small daypack for water and personal belongings
  • At least two sets of clothes for during the day and two changes of clothes for the evening
  • One pair of long trousers and one long sleeved shirt for evenings
  • Flip flops or trekking sandals
  • A set of shoes you can wear whilst kayaking - plimsolls are good for this
  • Trainers or walking boots for hiking on shore (you’ll need a different pair to the ones you use while kayaking)
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Sunglasses with a cord attached
  • Wide brimmed hat or baseball cap
  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping mat (in case you wish to sleep on the floor rather than in the hammock)
  • Personal documents and electronic equipment inside a waterproof bag
  • Headlamp or torch
  • Towel
  • Re-usable water bottle (two if you wish to leave one on board the boat during the day)

You should always check any recommended vaccinations with your GP or a travel clinic for the most up to date advice for your entire trip.

Be aware that Yellow Fever is endemic, although well controlled, in the Amazon region. Once vaccinated against Yellow Fever it lasts for ten years and you will be issued with a certificate that you must carry with you when travelling. The vaccination must be had at least ten days prior to travel to take full effect.


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The Amazon is the largest rainforest in the world, covering more than 2 million square miles and extending into nine countries, home to tens of thousands of plant species and over two thousand species of mammals and birds. The mighty Amazon River flows from its source in Peru through to the Brazilian coast, with thousands of tributaries, including the Urubu and miles of flooded forest that make it perfect for kayaking. The surrounding river basin is still home to around 350 indigenous tribes of which over 60 remain completely isolated.

Located in the middle of the Amazon, the city of Manaus is the capitol of the Brazilian state of Amazonas and is known affectionately as the heart of the Amazon, or the city of the forest. With more than two million people it is the most populous city in the rainforest.

Start point?

You’ll be collected from your hotel (your own arrangements - not included in the trip) in Manaus at 08:00 on day one.

Finish point?

At the end you will be returned to either your hotel or Manaus airport at approximately 18:00.

Getting there and away?

Manaus is a four-hour flight from São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, so you’ll likely have to factor in a night in the city before setting off on your trip, as well as a night afterwards depending on flight schedules. There are several domestic airlines in Brazil, including GOL, Azul and LATAM - all are comfortable with good safety records.

Travelling from the UK, British Airways operates direct flights to Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, or LATAM flies direct to São Paulo. There are also a wide choice of airlines offering indirect flights via Europe to all the main Brazilian airports, or you can fly via Miami directly into Manaus with American Airlines and LATAM.

What to Expect

Day 1: Prepare for the Adventure

Wake in your hotel in Manaus where your guide will collect you.

Enjoy the scenery on the two-hour drive to the shores of the Urubu, a remote tributary of the mighty Amazon and take a swim in its warm, dark waters.

After a briefing on the adventure to come, get your first taste of the jungle as you kayak through a thick rainforest filled with life, including monkeys and blue and yellow macaws.

The support boat will always follow you as you kayak, so as well as ensuring your safety, if you get tired and want to watch the jungle go by, you can always jump on board instead of kayaking.

Tie up your kayak on the riverbank and trek into the jungle to visit a cave filled with bats during the breeding season.

Refuel with some tropical fruit before continuing down the river to your campsite for the night, where a hot meal and a zesty caipirinha, Brazil’s national drink, will be waiting for you.

Set up your hammock in the trees and enjoy another caipirinha or two before drifting off to sleep beneath the canopy to the sounds of the jungle.

Day 2: Waterfalls, Rapids and Fishing for Piranha

Wake to the sounds of the jungle and then charge up with a good breakfast for the day to come.

Kayak down the river for an hour and then hike into the trees to visit wild waterfalls and jump into the water to escape the heat.

Learn about the medicinal plants that grow in the jungle as you return to the Urubu, then take lunch beside it, followed by a siesta.

Then you’ll continue down the river. Depending on the water level you might get a hit of adrenalin as it narrows into white rapids as you enter one of its most isolated areas.

Make camp for the night and watch the sunset with another jungle dinner.

Day 3: Your Final Day in the Jungle

Wake in the forest once more and after breakfast hike to one of the biggest and most beautiful waterfalls in the area.

Retrace your path upriver, travelling on the support boat for around 3-4 hours, passing the jungle town of Presidente Figueiredo, described as the land of waterfalls, before returning to Manaus where your adventure will end.


You will be camping in the jungle on both nights, using basic camping gear and sleeping in traditional Amazonian hammocks covered with a mosquito net and a large tarpaulin in case of rain. A real back to nature, jungle experience!

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