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Sea Kayak Expedition between the Greek Sporades Islands

Explore the Sporades Islands on this sea kayaking adventure. 6 days.

Over 6-days your experienced guide will chart a course through the Sporades islands in Greece. You’ll take in secluded beaches, craggy coastlines, quaint villages, exciting sea crossings and marine wildlife. At night, camp out on the beach under the stars and fall asleep to the sound of lapping waves.

Your hassle-free adventure includes

  • Experienced local guide
  • Kayak
  • Kayaking equipment
  • Transfers to and from Athens

Perfect for

Anyone looking to experience joys of Greek island life from a different perspective. You need to have some previous sea kayaking experience and fit enough to kayak 20 kilometres per day.

Need To Know

Not included in your adventure: - Flights - Accommodation - Food - Travel insurance

You need to have some previous sea kayaking experience to undertake this trip. There will also be the opportunity to learn more skills along the way.

During the trip, you will cover roughly 25km a day, so a reasonable level of fitness is required. The longest sea crossing is roughly 12km with no opportunity to land so you need to be comfortable kayaking this distance.

Your host recommends you to be close or at British Canoeing 3 * skills, check out the BC syllabus here

Yes absolutely. It’s a great way to meet likeminded people.

If possible items should be packed into multiple drybags inside a rucksack/suitcase. Your rucksack/suitcase can be stored whilst you are kayaking.

Your local host recommends: - Swimsuit - Sun hat - Sunscreen - Sunglasses - Towel - Sandals or wet shoes (neoprene) along with an extra normal shoe for hiking. - Light clothes as well as some warmer ones (ie. fleece) - A rain jacket. - Head Torch - Sleeping bag - Mosquito repellent - Any medication needed for personal medical conditions.

Any extra luggage you have can be left in a secure place with your host and taken back on your return from the kayak expedition.

Your trip includes: - Kayak - Kayaking equipment - Camping stove and gas

Camping equipment can also be rented from your local host at extra cost.

The Sporades island have a slightly cooler climate than other Greek islands making them a good summer destination. Summer season is between June and September and is typically warm and dry with temperatures averaging around 27 degrees Celsius.

Spring and autumn months are slightly cooler with an average temperature of around 18 degrees Celsius and between 30-70mm of rain per month.

Winters are mild at around 10 degrees Celsius but can be wet and blustery.

The trip is run on a self-catered basis. There will be an opportunity to stock up on food before taking to the water. Usually, individuals take care of their own breakfast and lunch and then take turns cooking a communal meal in the evening. You will buy 2 days worth of food and water at the beginning as there you will be able to restock during the route.

As it is a self-catered adventure you are free to choose your own food.


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This island-hopping adventure takes place in the Sporades islands in the Northwest Aegean Sea. In all, there are 24 islands making up the Sporades, only four of which are permanently inhabited. Each of the islands has its own unique character and charm.

Skiathos is the busiest of the four islands, although, even here it easy to find space away from the crowds on the island’s rugged hiking trails. The larger island of Skopelos lays claim to fame as the setting for the film Mama Mia.

The quietest two inhabited islands are Alonissos and Skyros, where the calm pace of traditional Greek life feels un-sullied by the influence of the modern world. Alonissos is also the setting for Greece’s first Marine Park and the charismatic Mediterranean Monk seal.

As in other parts of Greece, the people of Sporades are quick to offer a warm smile and a friendly greeting. The islands are the perfect setting for a Mediterranean adventure and what better way to explore them than by sea kayak.

Start point

Piraeus Port Harbour - 08:30

Your adventure begins in Piraeus Harbour in Athens, where your host will meet you on the morning of Day 1. We recommend you take any flight to Athens Airport (ATH) and then book yourself some accommodation near Piraeus Port Harbour so you can be at the start point on Day 1. You can get to Piraeus Port Harbour by taxi, metro or bus.

Finish point

Piraeus Port Harbour - 20:00

The trip ends back at Piraeus Port Harbour in Athens, where you will be dropped off by your host on the evening of Day 6. We recommend you say for one last evening in Athens before heading to the airport the next day.

What to Expect

Day 1: Arrive and Kayak

Your adventure begins in Athens where you will be met by your local host. From there you’ll transfer over to the Sporades group of Greek islands.

First up, you’ll get kitted out with a kayak and equipment before loading up ready to take to the water.

Day 2-5: Kayaking

In the true spirit of adventure, there is no set itinerary. Depending on the sea conditions and the members of the group your experienced guide will plan a route making the most of their expert local knowledge.

This is island hopping at its best. You’ll be undertaking exciting crossings up to 12km, heading ashore to hike and explore the islands of Skiathos and Skopelos and snorkelling in the warm waters of the Aegean.

If time allows you will also get the chance to visit Alonissos. This quiet island receives far fewer visitors than its neighbours and is home to the first marine sea park in Greece.

Day 6: Villages and Return to Athens

If time allows, then there is the option to explore the region of Pelion on your way back to Athens. This quaint Greek backwater is often overlooked but is well worth a visit.

The sleepy villages of Pelion are a quiet pocket of a calm in a busy world. Each village has its own character and charm set against the turquoise backdrop of the Aegean Sea.

Note: This itinerary and the duration of the activities are subject to change due to group abilities and preferences, and weather conditions and forecasts.


No accommodation is included in the price of the trip. There is the option to camp out under the stars either with your own equipment or you can rent equipment from your local hosts.

A 3-4 season tent costs €30 for the duration of the trip while a camping mattress cost €10 for the duration of the trip. Sleeping bags are not available so you will need to bring your own.

If you would prefer to sleep in an apartment, then please let your local host know as early as possible and they can arrange this for an extra fee.

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