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We only work with small, independent businesses. You won't find any package tours here, only hand-picked, independent providers. Most are flexible on dates and availability, so just ask if you want something extra special.


Teach in Borneo

Teach english to the children of Sabah, Borneo, and extend their school day by providing them with activities in the afternoon.

At a glance

  • Work in education or with children.
  • 1 - Mostly about the adventure, a little project work..
    3 - Require specialist skills, a balanced mix of hard work and having fun..
    2 - No special skills required, a balanced mix of hard work and free time.
    4 - No special skills required, but working hard from start to finish.
    5 - Specialist skills required, and lot's of work to be done.
  • Distances
    Out of town.
  • Guesthouse or B+B
  • Facilities bar. ensuite rooms. garden.
  • Optional extras accommodation, other activities, arrival/departure transfers, equipment, transport.
  • Sabah

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