Why Much Better?

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Following our consultancy, we instantly identified a way to save 160 000 litres of water in 1 chalet over a winter season. That’s the equivalent of a UK family of 5 for a year. Jon, More Mountain.

The policy you created is extremely useful to refer back to. We have become far more aware. We were kind of “resting on our laurels” thinking we had done the best we could with the resources that we had available but we have discovered to our delight that we could do more - that we could be “muchbetter”!!” Di Beach, Los Costanos.

I was keen to have a full analysis of every aspect of chalet life to enable us to be as green as possible. [The muchbetter consultancy] was efficient and incredibly thorough and gave me a huge amount of food for thought. It was really useful and also motivating which was exactly what I was looking to get out of it… I would definitely suggest it.” Kat, Alikats Mountain Holidays.

As a start-up company, we were in the process of sharpening our sustainability goals. The muchbetter consultancy was a really effective way to develop a clear and concise articulation of our vision. The breadth and depth of the process leaves you with an actionable plan without high time costs. The consultancy process allowed us to articulate what we were already doing and take measurable steps towards improving our systems at all levels. The suggestions were clear, relevant, and made sense for where we wanted to be in terms of sustainability.

In a market where travelers expect transparency and accountability, the muchbetter consultancy allowed us to communicate how and why we promote sustainable practices.

The consultancy is an invaluable tool for internal policy development and external communication of those goals. ” Chris, OneSeed Expeditions

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Our consultancy service is a quick, jargon-free, low cost practical tool for any travel business looking to go green and save money while doing so - in an hour.

Passing judgement is not part of our service; our role is simple to provide you with the ideas, tools and resources needed to bring sustainability into your operations.

So whether you are looking to simply improve your sustainable practice, work towards gaining ‘muchbetter’ status or achieve eco-certification, we can help!

What our muchbetter service includes:

  1. A one-hour phone consultation in which we systematically discuss all aspects of your operations, helping you make an accurate self-assessment of your green practices.

  2. A Sustainability Policy, which will document your current sustainable practices and help you communicate these efforts to your clients, guests and partners.

  3. A personalised Consultancy Report outlining an actionable plan for your next 12 months on how to further your sustainability practices, cut costs and explore new avenues.

  4. Access to muchbetter post-consultancy resources that will help you take the next steps of your sustainability journey and engage your guests in doing the same.

Who is it for?

Whatever stage your business is at our consultancy can provide you with new ideas and perspectives, equip you with an actionable plan for the future and provide you with useful resources.

What are people saying about it?

The consultancy is an invaluable tool for internal policy development and external communication of those goals” - To find about more about the benefits of this service and to read feedback from companies who have taken the consultancy, scroll down to our Feedback section.

How much does it cost?

The consultancy service is £50.00 (Excl. VAT). No more.

Want to learn more and book your consultancy?

Contact us to book your consultancy or to simply find out more, and join a community of people who are working to make their operations muchbetter.

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Our muchbetter consultants have relevant qualifications and experience in sustainability and the travel industry.