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The Great Projects Wildlife Orphanage South Africa

Types of Volunteering

Community Volunteering Holidays

These holidays enable a close interaction with the local communities through teaching projects in local schools.

Community volunteer holidays.

Animal Conservation Holidays

Working closely with animals all over the world to help conservation efforts and experience first hand the issues around conservation projects.

Animal conservation holidays

Marine Conservation Volunteer Holidays

As well as volunteering with turtles or diving to collect data on coral reefs these holidays will allow you to experience the trials facing these ecosystems and animals.

Marine conservation volunteer holidays.

Our Service

Discover incredible volunteer projects

Hundreds of unique, independent and specialist volunteer organisations around the world are gathered here waiting to hear from you and match your skills and ambitions to their volunteer holidays and longer term projects.

Communicate direct with operators

Whether it is a one week volunteer holiday or long term placement, getting to understand the volunteering project and what you will be doing is critical. From the minute you enquire you will be dealing direct with the volunteer coordinator for each project, so they can share their intimate knowledge with you and ensure you are both happy it is the holiday or placement for you.

Easily compare options

All your options and email threads for each are on one private ‘TripWall’ to so you can easily compare, ask questions and communicate direct with the volunteer organiser to arrange your trip.

Privacy protection

We don’t share your contact details with anyone so your privacy is totally safe. Only when you wish to book do we share your contact details with the volunteer organisation to finalise arrangements.

Picking Volunteer Projects

How to pick volunteer holidays?

Volunteer organisations with a clear and proven commitment to responsible volunteering practices can be spotted by the ‘muchbetter’ badge of approval. In short, you can be sure the projects offered by them are projects that the local communities have identified as needing doing, and your presence helps to get it done.

Many other charities and groups we choose to work with are usually very small and local and the volunteer projects you will be on could often not occur without your help, financial or otherwise.

Short volunteer holidays are designed for people who can only give a short time and so are geared towards making the most of the time available. There is a limit to what you can do in a few weeks so often skills are less important than willing. Even if you are only there for a week, these projects will ensure that in that week you really make a difference. Just by being there, learning about the projects and showing your support can make a big impact.

1-2 week volunteer holidays tend to partly operate as a way of raising funding for longer terms skilled volunteers to come out. You should be prepared for this, and aware of the valuable support your presence gives to the lifetime of the project.

On longer projects (4 weeks plus) of course skills are the most important thing to the success of the project and should be a pre requisite with serious volunteer organisations. Before you go, do satisfy yourself that the effort and time you put in is needed more than the cash in your pocket. Volunteer projects should all work to make sure that you make the biggest impact possible.

Job roles vary too, so it is best to first of all think what skills you have back home, and try to pick volunteer projects that are looking for those skills. They might be manual, or they may be very specific scientific, academic, IT or business skills.

What to expect

Volunteering holidays open up a view of the world never seen on a regular holiday. You’ll interact with the local community and environments on a much closer level than you could ever imagine, and through the carefully chosen partners here, be sure that you are making a real difference.

Different projects have very different situations, circumstances and living conditions.

Depending on the project, some will involve volunteering for the whole day. Others will have only half day projects with the rest of the time free to explore the area. Accommodation can also be very varied, from very basic through to luxurious local hotels, therefore it is important to decide what you want, and make that clear on your requirements to avoid any nasty surprises!

No matter what they are, do expect to work hard, meet lots of people, and experience some disturbing or upsetting scenes. Volunteering is an extremely rewarding experience, often life changing. However, you are unlikely to find easy and enjoyable day after day. If it is, it is probably not doing as much good as it could be!


The fantastic photos here come from The Great Projects, one of our many excellent volunteer program partners.