Author: Emir Kurtovic

4 Must See Road Cycling Routes in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The thrills and joys Bosnia offers in the realm of road cycling are second to those of mountain biking, but this does not mean some great road cycling can’t be experienced in Bosnia. Being wise about your choice or road and time of riding are the main factors towards making road cycling in Bosnia and Herzegovina enjoyable and experiencing its beauty on two wheels.

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4 Mountain Bike Trails You Need to Try in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Having the majority of its territory covered in mountains, Bosnia and Herzegovina has great mountain biking potential. The mountains are filled with trails of all kinds, suited to every skill level, with access to starting points being easy in the majority of cases. The cycling season in Bosnia starts from Spring (usually from mid or late April, depending on weather) and usually lasts until the middle of Autumn.

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Karsts and Rock Rings | A Guide to Hiking in Bosnia and Herzegovina

While it may belong on the list of small European countries, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s mainly mountainous and rugged terrain makes it a truly attractive hiking destination. The fact that the now famous, and highly recommended, Via Dinarica passes right through Bosnia and Herzegovina, with Maglić and Prenj as some of its main highlights, says a lot about Bosnia’s hiking potential.

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