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12 Weekend Adventures to Fuel Your 2019 Late May Bank Holiday

If you’re itching for your next adventure, why not scratch it with a trip out into the wild this May. From rafting remote rivers to kayaking and wild-camping on uninhabited islands, the late May bank holiday offers the perfect chance to get away whilst preserving your...

12 Action-Packed Adventures for the 2019 August Bank Holiday

Easy does it or a full-on sweat factory – whatever you’re into, there’s an adventure with your name on it. There’s also a juicy bank holiday coming up in August (24th - 26th) that will let you do it all whilst preserving your precious annual leave. So whether you're...

12 Adventures over the Early May Bank Holiday 2019

Adventure – for some it’s seeing how late they can cut it before leaving for work, for others, it’s facing a daunting summit or surfing the perfect break. If that sounds more like you, then there’s a long weekend coming up in early May (4-6th) that offers the perfect...

13 Adventure Ideas this Easter Bank Holiday 2019

You might be at work, but that doesn’t mean you’re not thinking about your next adventure. Fortunately, with the long Easter weekend coming up (Fri 19th April - Mon 22nd April) you can do more than just think – you could be swapping the creme eggs for some serious...

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The Beginner’s Guide to Trekking the Tour du Mont Blanc

The Beginner’s Guide to Trekking the Tour du Mont Blanc

If trekking the Tour du Mont Blanc is not already high on your bucket list of treks to nail this year then it most definitely should be. Right up there with the likes of Nepal’s Annapurna Circuit and Peru’s Cordillera Huayhuash trek, but much closer to home, the Tour du Mont Blanc is among the most iconic multi-day treks in the world, and for very good reason.

7 Tips for Travelling Around Nepal

Nepal may look small on a map, but its mountainous and hilly terrain, poor road quality and mountainous airstrips make getting around more of a challenge than many travellers realise. Here are a few important tips to remember when travelling around Nepal, whether by road or air.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro | Which Route Should you Choose?

There is perhaps not a more important choice when trekking Kilimanjaro than the route you choose. A detailed breakdown of each route will help you make the right decision and avoid the pitfalls that I fell into. Here’s a snapshot of each of the routes to help you along your way…

5 Incredible Treks in Slovenia’s Julian Alps

The Triglav National Park is one of the oldest ones in Europe and it spans mostly the eastern part of the Julian Alps. The highest peak of the massif – Triglav (2864m) is a national symbol and a challenge for every climber. However, many other 2000-metre high peaks are a source of pleasure for every traveller.

5 Accessible Treks in Nepal’s Pokhara Valley

Pokhara is the gateway to the Annapurna Himalaya, so many trekkers pass through the city on the way to expeditions further into the mountains. But, it’s not actually necessary to go so far into the high Himalaya to have a trekking adventure around Pokhara. The Pokhara...

Leave Only Footprints | 12 Tips for Responsible Trekking

If you want to keep the balance, and the trails accessible to everyone in the future, respect must be paid to the physical and cultural environments you visit. Trekking responsibly is, well, it’s your responsibility. With that in mind, here are 12 tips to ensure you leave only footprints. 

The Beginner’s Guide to Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

There are many reasons why Kilimanjaro is scribbled onto the bucket list of most adventurer ’s minds. The most obvious of these reasons may include the fact it is the highest free-standing mountain in the world. But how do you go about it? Which route do you choose? When should you go? How fit do you need to be and what equipment do you need? Here’s everything you need to know to get started.

5 Remote Trekking Routes in Nepal’s Far West

Although Kathmandu doesn’t lie in the geographical centre of Nepal, everything west of the capital is considered to be Western Nepal; anything west of Pokhara is considered Far Western. And Far Western Nepal is very remote, wild, in large parts poor, and difficult to access. But all of that just adds to the adventure of trekking there!


12 Weekend Adventures Almost Anyone Can Do

Our open-to-all trips are suitable for anyone with a love for the great outdoors and a thirst for exploration, as long as you’ll be happy hiking, cycling or paddling for a few hours a day, you won’t find these any bother at all, quite the opposite. If that sounds like you, then here are twelve adventures that fit the bill, what’s more, none of them require more than a few days off work. A double whammy.

Nisha and the Art of Weekend Adventures

If you found yourself at the end of 2018 kicking yourself that you didn’t do more, just didn’t get round to it, work, life got in the way – we hear you. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With a bit of savvy advance planning, and bit more time invested in you, you can ensure that 2019 is rammed to the rafters with weekend adventures.

Your Best ‘Grams from 2018

If you follow us on Instagram then you’ve already seen that 2018 was one helluva year here at Much Better Adventures, made all the better by our awesome community. In celebration, here’s just a snapshot of what happened – this is Much Better Adventures through your eyes.

Last Minute Adventures

Need an adventure ASAP? We’ve rounded up all the trips running in the next few months that still have a few slots open on them. Join good people on a proper adventure, and get your 2019 off to a flyer!


Tearing Down the Tara River | A Photo Story

Tearing Down the Tara River | A Photo Story

Every quarter we invite our crowd investors on an adventure to catch up and talk about plans afoot. Last summer we opted for Montenegro, and adventure photographer, Callum Thompson joined the party. Naturally, we asked him to share some of his epic shots from the trip and let us know what when down whilst he was there. This is his story…

How a Marathon Can Change the World

We all know that running is good for you, both physically and mentally, and that marathons, fun runs, and everything in between, raise substantial amounts of money for amazing causes worldwide. They raise awareness, bring people together and inspire millions to slip into their running shoes, all whilst doing good things for others.

Carving Down to the Fjords

We caught up with the man behind our backcountry ski-touring experience in the Norwegian fjords, Stranda. Hi Oscar. Tell us a little bit about yourself. I attended a 1-and-a-half year guide education in 2006-2007 in Åre, Sweden before I started working full time as a...