Over the last few weeks, a few things have happened here at HQ that have got us thinking about whether we could guarantee the quality of our trips or not. I thought I’d share that process with you.

First, our designer Charlie had his favourite cap chewed by his dog. He loved that cap.

It wasn’t me!


Sadly, it was a few years old and not on sale any more. So he contacted the makers (Patagonia) to see if they still had any lying about that he could buy. To his amazement, they didn’t sell him one. They sent him it for free. Now, Patagonia have long been famous for a quality guarantee that sees them fixing or replacing even the most minor problems with kit you bought from them 20 years ago, but that takes it to new levels.

How can we do that in travel, we asked ourselves? #WhatWouldPatagoniaDo has now quickly become the mantra here.

The chewed cap

Travel isn’t quite as simple as a broken zip or misplaced stitch sadly. One person’s idea of a broken experience is another person’s 5* star review, and this week we faced exactly that situation. We received a detailed 3-page complaint about a trip, whilst simultaneously receiving glowing 5* reviews from other people on that same trip.

What did we do? What we always do. We went back to the host to discuss the details of the trip at length. We uncovered a few things that didn’t quite go to plan for the customer, so we agreed to refund them a proportion of the trip cost. The result, that same customer has since left us a glowing 5* review and is considering another trip.

This did it for us. We handpick the best local guides and hosts to run your adventures, so we’re confident you’ll have an amazing time. So confident in fact, that we think we should put our money on it. When the 1-in-many-thousands mistake does happen, we should be willing to put it right quickly and painlessly.

So we’re now working on turning what we do into a formal policy, our Happiness Guarantee. And we’re trying to make it as simple and surprisingly enjoyable as replacing a chewed up cap. It should be live very soon.