Ah, who doesn't love an idyllic island getaway. But what if your idea of a getaway isn't lolling about, but an actual adventure? Luckily, there are plenty of islands that offer so much more than just beaches to relax on (and a few of them may surprise you).

Some boast microclimates and astonishing diversity, like continents in miniature. Some are so remote, you’ll feel like you’re visiting another world. Some are quite simply unique, thanks to their isolation. But the best thing? They’re all surrounded by a great big, watery, adventure playground (also known as 'the sea').

Here are some of our favourite islands for adventuring on - from tiny, wild isles to whole island nations with miles of coastline and diverse interiors.

1. Gran Canaria, Spain

Signpost for hikers' paths in front of rocky, forested terrain in Gran Canaria, Canary Islands

Whilst some may associate Gran Canaria with package holidays, we think it's one of the best Canary Islands for adventure - this tropical, mountainous gem is actually a hiker's paradise. Traverse this biodiverse island on little-used trails, experiencing dramatic mountain ranges, sunken calderas and epic ocean views. You'll also stomp to the summit of Pico de las Nieves - the highest point on the island, bask in a subtropical climate, and cool off in coastal rock pools on remote beaches.

Hike The Volcanic Island of Gran Canaria | Much Better Adventures
Join local experts for a challenging hike in the heart of Gran Canaria. Cross craggy mountains, cool pine forests, sunken calderas and sky-skimming ocean views.

2. The Tuscan Archipelago, Italy

The Tuscan Archipelago, Italy

Explore the islands of Elba and Pianosa off Italy’s Tuscan Coast, hiking flower-lined trails and adventuring in pristine waters. You'll hike gentle Mediterranean coast paths to fishing villages, kayak and snorkel protected turquoise waters teeming with marine life, and cycle around the paradise island of Pianosa, a protected nature park known as the ‘Caribbean of the Mediterranean’.

Island Hopping in the Tuscan Archipelago | Much Better Adventures
Join a small group adventure on the islands of Elba and Pianosa off Italy’s Tuscan Coast, exploring pretty trails and pristine seas with a local expert.

3. Madeira, Portugal

With towering mountains and dramatic cliffs plunging into the Atlantic, the 'Hawaii of Europe' feels like it was made for hiking. Traverse Madeira via its three highest peaks, topping out on Pico Ruivo (1862m). Along the way, you'll follow misty trails through the ancient laurel trees of the island's unique, UNESCO-listed primary forest and zig-zag along narrow pathways, steep staircases and eerie tunnels to astonishing viewpoints.

Coast to Coast Traverse of Madeira | Much Better Adventures
Join an expert local guide on a hike across the peaks, cliffs and forests of this Atlantic island known as the ‘Hawaii of Europe’, including Pico Ruivo (1862m).

4. Cat Ba Island, Vietnam

The verdant, mountainous landscape of Cat Ba Island, Vietnam

Cat Ba Island is home to a UNESCO-listed biosphere reserve, found on the fringes of Vietnam's astonishing Lan Ha Bay. As well as exploring these sub-tropical bays, on our cave to coast adventure you'll paddle and hike Vietnam's natural wonders, navigating lush jungles and subterranean worlds. Best of all, you'll get to drift off to jungle sounds in a secluded eco-lodge on Cat Ba Island - and that's just one of the many unforgettable places you'll rest your head.

Kayak and Hike the Caves, Jungle and Coast of Vietnam | Much Better Adventures
Join our local experts to explore Vietnam’s natural wonders from cave to coast, navigating jungles, caverns, and sleeping aboard a boat in a tropical bay.

5. Corsica, France

Kayakers on a Corsican beach.

Head to Corsica to paddle through turquoise waters and wild camp on secret Mediterranean beaches. You'll kayak the calm, crystalline sea along Corsica's dramatic south coast to hidden coves, wild swim in dreamy waters, cook dinners on the beach as the sun goes down and bivvy on white sand beaches under the stars.

6. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Head to one of the planet's most unique archipelagos, and encounter its special wildlife on an unforgettable adventure immersed in the natural world. You'll hike to the otherworldly Sierra Negra Volcano, cycle to pristine beaches dotted with sea lions, blue-footed boobies, marine iguanas and flamingos, come face to face with the Galápagos’ famed giant tortoises, and snorkel with reef sharks and sea turtles.

Island Hopping Adventure in the Galapagos | Much Better Adventures
Join local experts for a Galapagos Islands adventure. Hike, bike and snorkel the unique archipelago on an action-packed adventure immersed in the natural world.

7. Iceland

Whether you're looking to do some winter hiking and northern lights chasing, to tackle the iconic Laugavegur Trail, or get remote on a three peaks challenge, Iceland does not fall short on the adventure front. A geological gem, it is home to some of the most impressive and unique natural wonders in Europe.

Hut-to-hut trek of the Laugavegur Trail in Iceland | Much Better Adventures
Tackle Iceland’s iconic Laugavegur Trail, travelling hut-to-hut with a small group of like-minded adventurers. Book your trip with just 20% deposit today.

8. Cuba

Cuba is as paradisiacal as it is unique. Cycle the backroads of the island on a revolutionary ride through its beautiful interior and Caribbean coastline. Alternatively, hike and kayak through Cuba's lush green landscapes and wild swim in secret natural pools - exploring the colourful streets of Trinidad and Havana en route.

Cycle the Backroads of Cuba | Much Better Adventures
Join a cycling adventure across Cuba with like-minded folk. Discover old fishing villages, white sand beaches, Che Guevara’s hideouts and sip mojitos in Havana.

9. Guna Yala Islands, Panama

Paddle through a Caribbean paradise, camp on tropical islands and journey through dense jungle to the Panama Canal. Kayak the turquoise waters of the Guna Yala archipelago - formerly known as the San Blas Islands - and snorkel coral reefs. Hike through dense rainforest and raft the Chagres River to where the Panama Canal meets the Atlantic Ocean. Meet the indigenous peoples of Panama; the Guna and Emberá, guardians of the Guna Yala Islands and Chagres National Park.

Raft and Kayak Caribbean Paradise in Panama | Much Better Adventures
Join an epic week-long adventure to kayak the Guna Yala Islands, raft the Chagres River, camp on tropical islands & journey through the jungle to the Panama Canal.

10. The Cyclades, Greece

If you're looking for the best Greek islands to visit... why not board a boat and see several? Sail the stunning and unspoilt Cyclades and discover hidden hiking gems on a 5-day adventure around the Greek Cyclades Islands, renowned for their rich history, culture and traditional cuisine. Live aboard a private yacht, docking each night in a different bay, and discover an undiscovered hiking paradise where you can trek to remote and pristine beaches.

Sail and Explore in the Greek Islands | Much Better Adventures
Sail the Greek islands on a small group tour in the unspoilt Cyclades. Discover hidden hiking gems, pristine beaches and sleep on a private liveaboard yacht.

11. Koh Yao Yai, Thailand

Kao Yao Yai is an island that sits within Thailand's Ao Phang Nga National Park, and is best explored by kayak and on foot. You'll visit it on our wild Thailand adventure, where you will also kayak and hike the otherworldly Khao Sok National Park, tackle the 1260 steps up to Tiger Cave Temple, kick back in longtail boats and hang out on white sandy beaches - peepers open for incredible wildlife.

Kayak and Hike Wild Thailand | Much Better Adventures
Take a trip to Thailand to explore lush jungle, tropical islands and palm-lined beaches. Floating bungalows and treehouses make unforgettable places to sleep.

12. Lofoten Islands, Norway

Head to the Lofoten Islands for a wild hike past deep fjords, up jagged peaks and through white sand beaches and picture-postcard villages. Paddle out for an unforgettable island-hopping journey by kayak through the wilderness seascapes of this stunning archipelago, or hike its volcanic peaks. Either way, bracing dips in the Norwegian Sea, pitching up on white sand beaches for wild campouts, and bonfires beneath the midnight sun make adventures here unforgettable.

Hike and Kayak Under the Northern Lights in the Lofoten Islands | Much Better Adventures
Join a small group of adventurers for a winter odyssey through Norway’s stunning Arctic archipelago, paddling and camping out under the aurora.

13. Isle of Rùm, Scotland

For a truly wild expedition, head to remote Rùm in Scotland's Inner Hebrides. A hidden gem, this isle has no roads, forgotten castles and a mere 29 residents. Traverse the 6 peaks of the Rùm Cuillin ridge, topping out on Askival (812m) for the ultimate panorama of the Western Isles. Wild camp in deserted spots alongside rocky shorelines - all the while keeping watch for eagles, otters, seals, dolphins and the ubiquitous red deer.

Isle of Rùm Expedition | Much Better Adventures
This truly wild experience on a remote Scottish island with no roads will see you traverse 6 peaks of the Rùm Cuillin ridge with some fellow hardy adventurers.

14. Cape Verde

Cape Verde is an Atlantic archipelago with inimitable African-Portuguese culture, where you can hit the stunning trails of Santiago and Fogo Islands. Trek ash-covered slopes to the top of Pico do Fogo (2829m), an active stratovolcano and the highest point in the Islands. Hike the lush Calabaceira Valley and Serra Malagueta Natural Park, and wild swim in crystal clear pools sculpted by lava. Chill out with a snorkel and swim in the waters around Tarrafal, tuck into beach barbecues and sample the islands' rich music and food scenes - all to a wild Atlantic Ocean backdrop.

Adventure Hiking in Cape Verde | Much Better Adventures
Join a small group of adventurous souls to hit the trails of Santiago and Fogo islands and soak up the archipelago’s inimitable African-Portuguese culture.

15. Crete, Greece

Head to the largest of the Greek Islands to explore majestic gorges, cool forests, and a glorious coastline washed by turquoise seas. Kayak the Aegean waters and trek through the dramatic Samaria Gorge, or hike rugged trails and wild swim in Crete's natural sea pools, lagoons and bays.

Kayak and Hike the Coast of Crete | Much Better Adventures
Locally guided kayaking and hiking holiday in Crete. A coastal adventure without the logistical headache, helping wild places and remote villages thrive.

16. The Azores, Portugal

Travel by land and sea around the Azorean island of São Miguel. Hike along spectacular coastal trails and get sweeping Atlantic views from the island's highest point. Jump, scramble, slide and abseil the canyons of Ribeira dos Caldeirões and coasteer along the wild, volcanic coastline. Top it all off with a close encounter with the Azores' teeming population of whales and dolphins.

17. Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia is the perfect spot for fun, sun, adventure, epic scenery and fantastic local food and wine. Enjoy all of that by paddling to remote beaches, swimming in crystal-clear coves , kayaking along rugged coastline and snorkelling off hidden beaches – the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation. If you're looking for more of a challenge, however, then the Selvaggio Blu trek may be for you: it's Italy's most challenging trail.

Sea Kayak in Sardinia | Much Better Adventures
Head to the coast in Sardinia to kayak to remote beaches, swim in crystal-clear coves and enjoy delicious food - a small group adventure, led by local guides.

18. Svalbard, Norway

Head to Norway’s Svalbard archipelago to explore the wild and beautiful Spitsbergen Island and experience the midnight sun. Hike, kayak and glacier walk your way across, all the while keeping an eye out for polar bears. This is a true Arctic adventure where you'll sleep in the wilderness and brave the 'Polar Plunge' - a (quick) dip in the Arctic Ocean, as well as kayak beside majestic glaciers - eyes peeled for whales and walruses - and hike amongst insanely beautiful fjords and mountains.

Svalbard Adventure in the Arctic Wilderness | Much Better Adventures
Go on an Arctic adventure! Hike, kayak and glacier walk across Norway’s Svalbard archipelago, while keeping an eye out for polar bears, on our small group trip.

19. Isle of Skye, Scotland

Hike through the indescribable beauty of the Isle of Skye, the most stunning island of the Inner Hebrides, to learn essential mountaineering and climbing skills in the spectacular Cuillin Mountains. With a guide to climber ratio of 1:2, put your new knowledge to the test and tackle the renowned Inaccessible Pinnacle - Scotland's most notorious munro.

20. Menorca, Spain

Bivouac on deserted beaches, explore hidden coves and paddle alongside chalky cliffs on a sea kayaking expedition in the Balearics. You'll kayak up to 210km of Menorca’s spectacular and varied coastline on this challenging seafaring adventure, in an attempt to circumnavigate the island. Swim in turquoise waters, rest on wild beaches and sleep amongst the elements along the way, ending each day with delicious campfire meals.

Sea Kayaking Expedition in Menorca | Much Better Adventures
Circumnavigate 210km of Menorca’s spectacular coastline on a magical seafaring adventure, where you’ll swim in turquoise waters and bivouac on deserted beaches.

21. The Maldives

Snorkeller swimming with an enormous whale shark in the Maldives.

Relax into island life on an easygoing adventure in South Ari Atoll, paddling and snorkelling in protected tropical waters. Explore an incredible marine world teeming with life – swimming, snorkelling, hiking, kayaking and SUPing your way around these pristine tropical islands. But don't worry, there will also be plenty of chances to kick back and make the most of this paradise with beach barbecues and sunset sailing trips. You'll also uncover the real Maldives by hanging out with local islanders and participating in marine conservation projects.

Island Hopping Adventure in the Maldives | Much Better Adventures
Relax into island life on this easygoing adventure in South Ari Atoll, paddling and snorkelling in tropical waters away from the resorts with a local guide.

22. Koh Trong Island, Cambodia

Sleepy Koh Trong Island is found in the mighty Mekong River. Head out on our jungle adventure in Cambodia and you'll cycle and kayak Koh Trong (keep your eyes peeled for rare Irrawaddy dolphins). Elsewhere in Cambodia, you'll discover ancient temples and trek remote jungle trails, discovering lost shrines, hidden waterfalls and indigenous villages. Round all this off by pedalling among the enigmatic Angkor Thom temples, exploring the ancient city of Angkor Wat and paddling Tonlé Sap, Southeast Asia’s biggest lake.

Roam the Jungles and Temples of Cambodia | Much Better Adventures
Join a small group to get off the beaten track in Cambodia. Hike jungle trails, kayak the Mekong River and cycle around the Angkor temples with a local guide.

23. Islands of the Okavango Delta, Botswana

Journey deep into Botswana and you'll find the thousands of islands, lagoons and swamps of the Okavango Delta. Join our wildlife adventure for breathtaking bush walks, Mokoro safaris and wild camping on an island in the wilderness. All part of an epic overland odyssey from Namibia to Zimbabwe, this is one of the most wildlife rich regions on Earth: eyes open for the perpetual parade of quintessential African wildlife.

Botswana Wildlife Adventure | Much Better Adventures
Join a small group of like-minded people for an epic overland odyssey from Namibia to Zimbabwe, through one of the most wildlife rich countries on Earth.

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