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The Much Better Content Policy

How will we use your photos and videos?

We love seeing all the brilliant photos and videos that you create whilst away on one of our trips, they’re a great way to bring the experiences we curate to life. They show off our adventures and our lovely community in the best way possible, through your eyes.

This guide explains what we will do with your content once you have shared it with us, where it goes, and how we intend to use it…

This policy applies to all the content we receive in the following ways:

  • Photos and video shared to Much Better Adventures from our customers through our post trip review;

  • Photos and video submitted as part of any Much Better Adventure competition or campaign;

  • Photos and video shared by our local hosts and guides;

  • Photos or video posted within any Host or MBA WhatsApp groups;

  • Photos submitted by contributors as part of our magazine editorial;

  • Photos or video submitted by staff on their return from a Much Better Adventure;

  • Photos or video posted, submitted or curated via social media;

  • Photos or video submitted by photographers and videographers commissioned by Much Better Adventures;

  • Any other content submitted to Much Better Adventures by any other channel.

How will you use my content?

Once we receive your photos or video they will be added to our Content Library; from there it may be used in a number of ways to promote and advertise Much Better Adventures, including (but not limited to):

  • On our website;
  • In our marketing and content assets via social media;
  • In our newsletters;
  • In our magazine;
  • As part of our PR campaigns with third party publications.

Will I be credited?

We will do our very best to credit you whenever we can. However in some circumstances this may not be possible.

What if I don’t want Much Better Adventures to use my content?

If you no longer want us to use any of your content you can request that we take it down and remove it from our Content Library at any time. Just pop [email protected] in an email stating your name, plus a link and / or screen shot of the image, and any further details where you saw it, and we will remove it straight away.

Our Privacy Policy

Please note that when you submit your content via our Trip Review Form, this often comes attached with your personal details. For more information on how we manage your personal details, please read the Privacy Policy on our website.