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You’ve heard of Asia, right? Pretty big place. 4.5 billion population. Let us take you there on one of our incredible adventures.

When you’re planning a trip to Asia, there can be a lot to get your head around. Well, with our hand-picked hosts, our off the beaten track itineraries, and our various activity holidays in destinations like Nepal, India, Iran and Oman we’re extremely well-placed to hook you up with something special.

Where will our adventures in Asia take you?

If you live and breathe adventure, Nepal needs to be on your bucket list. Home to more big mountains than you’ve had cups of tea this week, this relatively small country, sandwiched between China and India, is packing a lot of incredibly epic terrain inside its borders. Most of our trips to the region start in the capital Kathmandu before heading on out into the Himalayas.

On the subject of Nepal, we can take you to the legendary Everest Base Camp and the summit of Mera Peak (the tallest trekking peak in Nepal). We can also, hold onto your hats for this, take you for a once-in-a-lifetime trek on the spectacular Annapurna Circuit, show you some of Nepal’s hidden glaciers, and help you live out your wildest river rafting fantasies on a 270 km journey down the acclaimed Sun Kosi River. Want to experience Nepal? Yeah, we’ll sort you out.

Because, and you might have heard this already, Asia is more than just the country of Nepal please let us take this opportunity to shine a spotlight on some of our other trips to elsewhere on the continent. Come with us to Iran, for example, and you can see what it’s like to climb to the summit of the nation’s highest peak - Mount Damavand (spoiler alert: the views are unreal). Alternatively, why not join us in Oman for a summit to sea adventure that brings together hiking, kayaking, canyoning and mountain exploration. Good times guaranteed.

How fit do you need to be?

Cards on the table time. Some of these adventures, from a fitness perspective, are pretty challenging. That’s not to say you definitely need to be a 5 days-a-week-in-the-gym nut to come to Asia with us but, also, there’s no point in us sitting here and telling you that all of our trips to the continent are a walk in the park / a piece of cake / easy peasy lemon squeezy.

You’ve probably noticed, or maybe you haven’t, that many of the adventure holidays discussed here consist of multi-day, long-distant, treks at high altitude. With that in mind, if walking to your local corner shop to buy milk leaves you short of breath you’ll probably want to build up some proper stamina before getting fully stuck into them. The Himalayas have a reputation for a reason. Apologies if that seems like an obvious thing to say but we want you to enjoy yourself.

Heads up, you won’t need prior experience in the relevant activity for all our adventure holidays in Asia but some of them do feature technical equipment usage and (potentially) very harsh conditions. If you’ve led a sheltered existence from the outdoors, these tough ones won’t be for you straight off the bat. Of course, there’s no reason you can’t build up to them by going on some of our less gnarly ones first. Great way to build up your knowledge, fitness, and reserves of mental strength that - even if we do say so ourselves.

And why do it with us.

Okay, so why should you travel to Asia with us? Well, first things first, we literally guarantee happiness. We know, we know, that’s big talk but we honestly do back ourselves to deliver on it every single time. In the very unlikely event that you have a bad time on one of our adventures, we won’t try and fob you off with a load of excuses. Instead, we’ll hold up our hands apologetically, talk to you to find out what went wrong.

We work with brilliant local guides, the friendliest hosts imaginable, and utilise a world-class network of experts to make sure that our adventure experiences are the very best they can be.

Great for solo travellers, great for a travel-loving friendship group, great for doing something genuinely memorable with your annual leave; our adventure holidays to Asia really are very, very, good. Join our tribe today and see for yourself why what we do lives up to the hype.