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It's adventure with added 'omotenashi' in the land of the rising sun.

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If you head to Japan you can pretty much guarantee that you’ll have an adventure holiday like no other. The culture, the rituals, the temples - Japan’s ancient history and well-preserved traditions still run, very smoothly, through every part of these volcanic islands. Outside the bright lights of modern Tokyo, head north and you’ll find sacred trails in the shadow of Mount Fuji, and tropical coastlines, primed for paddling, under the critical gaze of macaque monkeys. Venture far enough south, and you’ll hit the Japanese Alps, perfect for a spot of summit bagging and hut to hut trekking, Japan-style. Still not sold on the adventure? Maybe a spot of sake sipping and sushi snacking after a team onsen will help us persuade you. It’s adventure, with added omotenashi.