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Around 70% of people join a trip solo.

Our adventures are typically made up of a mixture of solo travellers and small groups of 2 or 3 friends who simply love adventure, pushing themselves and meeting awesome like-minded people.


"The moment that stood out the most was an evening, sat around the campfire, no phones, no distractions, only conversation. Sharing stories of previous trips and adventures, views, opinions, simple things that have almost become a lost art due to modern society’s addiction to technology."

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"It’s the best antidote for a busy city life. It’s extremely peaceful getting so far away and being so incredibly remote from civilisation."

Nicki, UK

Nicki's Escape

"Even my friend, who is not usually the outdoorsy type, texted me to tell me it was one of the best experiences of her life – that was really saying something!"

Jody, USA

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"When you put a random group of people together in those kinds of conditions, everyone becomes very close and comfortable very quickly - there was a lot of hilarious conversations."

Hannah, UK

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We were part of a group of 12 likeminded adventurers (of varying fitness and skills) and making new friends made the adventure that much better (pardon the pun!).

Andrew, UK

"Around 15 minutes into my first dog sledding experience, I’m just starting to think to myself “Hey, I’m getting the hang of this.” Just as that thought left my mind, my whole sled toppled, and I found myself in what you might describe as a pickle."

Pete, UK

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