A Much Better model for travel

We started Much Better Adventures with a single-minded goal:

To protect the world’s wild places, one adventure at a time.

We’re on a mission to build the world’s most positive impact adventure company, because our planet is under threat, and we believe adventure holds some of the keys.

Currently, 5% of our revenues (not profits) goes in to conservation projects through both donations and campaigning, and our whole business model is designed so that the bigger we get, the more good things happen.

We call it the Triangle of Good, because it covers three key areas;

1. Carbon mitigation

Through a partnership with Cool Earth, we mitigate the equivalent of 4x the carbon emitted by our travellers through the protection of threatened primary rainforest. These are the trees we need the most.

So far together we’ve helped save 83 acres of rainforest, 19,920 trees enabling 21,580 tonnes of CO2 to be locked in. You can find out more and contribute to Cool Earth.

2. Benefiting local communities

Working with 100% local businesses, our platform model ensures of every $100 spent, $80 on average goes into the local economy. The UN reports* that that number is as low as $5 for typical mass tourism, which we think is plain criminal.

This is incredibly important for conservation, because it creates viable local economic alternatives, and increases the value of natural areas.

3. Backing important conservation work

We work with non-profits, NGO’s, conservationists and activists to campaign on important issues, and design adventures that can make a difference.

Check out Adventures Not Dams, a campaign to raise awareness of controversial plans to dam the Vjosa, Europe’s last free flowing river.

We ran rafting trips on the river and created a mini-documentary which got featured in international press, including Guardian and Telegraph. The dam was due to be built in 2018, and due to international pressure it is now being reviewed in Brussels.

Next steps

We aim to be one of the most planet-positive businesses out there, and provide leadership for our whole industry to improve. It’s a journey, we’ve made a start, but there is a long way to go. Our short-term roadmap includes;

  • Becoming certified B corp.
  • Linking every trip with a local conservation project it directly supports.
  • Working with local partners to publish a transparent local economic impact score for each trip. We'll this as a benchmark for the industry to follow suit, and to guide our next steps in 2020 and beyond.

Ultimately we do believe that that travel, rather than part of the problem, can be a major part of the solution. Too often it is not.

For us, it's a mission, a philosophy and a way of life.

We owe it to the world to never stop working at it.