Protecting the world’s wild places, one adventure at a time.

For every adventure you book, 5% of our revenues (not profits) go into supporting projects that inspire conservation, re-wilding and the wider social change we need to transition to a low carbon future.

We love to support;

  • Conservation and re-wilding
  • Local and community owned adventure tourism initiatives
  • Campaigning and lobbying
  • Awareness raising and inspirational story telling
  • Technological innovation
  • Projects that enable access to the great outdoors for those that otherwise may not have the opportunity

Help a Host Relief Fund

Local guides, hosts, porters and their families in some of the most remote corners of the world have seen their livelihoods obliterated this year as a result of the pandemic and pause in income from tourism. 

In response, Much Better Adventures is committing a minimum of £10,000 for immediate aid to provide basic essentials like food, supplies and medicines and investments towards developing alternative incomes for local communities in need of support.

We're asking you, amazing community of global adventurers, can you help us double it?! 

A little goes a long way: in Nepal just £26 provides access to enough food and essentials for one person for an entire month - less than £1/day. 

Every penny on top of our £10,000 raised here on GoFundMe will be distributed among the projects below. We've prioritised communities in Nepal, Indonesia and Tanzania who need our support straight away. It's likely we'll be adding more projects soon.

By taking part, you will be helping us to support 125 families who need us now more than ever. 

See our GoFundMe campaign.

The Climate Crisis

Current IPCC advice tells us that, by 2030, we need to cut global carbon emissions to at least 55% below what they were in 2017, to keep the planet within 1.5 degrees of warming.

That's why we declared a Climate Emergency and called on the rest of the industry to join us.

Through our foundation, we know there is no single solution to the climate crisis, so the projects we’ll support are diverse.

The indisputable reality is that the biggest overall reductions in carbon emissions will be achieved by social transformation, so sometimes the projects we support may not look like immediate carbon reduction wins. We embrace the complexity of the situation we are in, and rather than looking for nice easy headlines, we’ll keep supporting projects we believe to be contributing towards the wider social transformation necessary to build a sustainable, low carbon and biodiverse future.

We invite our community of hosts and adventurers to join us and together help multiply the impact we make. We welcome feedback and are always looking to improve.

Our Primary Charity Partner: Cool Earth

So far, together we’ve helped save 83 acres of rainforest, 19,920 trees enabling 21,580 tonnes of CO2 to be locked in. Here’s how.

We have teamed up with leading climate change charity Cool Earth, who share our mission to protect the world’s precious natural spaces.

Cool Earth in a nutshell:

  • Identifies where the threat of deforestation is greatest
  • Only works with villages who approach them and want to form non-logging agreements.
  • Puts local people in control: they decide how funds are spent.
  • Builds livelihoods to secure the long term future of the rainforest, along with better school and clinics.
  • Saves more rainforest through creating shields.
  • Repeat.

This partnership means that just by travelling with us, customers not only have incredible experiences but can do it knowing they are actively enriching the lives of both local hosts and rainforest communities across the globe.

We simply can’t put it any better than the living legend himself Sir David Attenborough, when he said:

“Helping Cool Earth to halt tropical deforestation makes a real difference. Perhaps the biggest difference we will make in our whole lives.”

What about carbon?

Let’s say it like it is. Encouraging people to enjoy the world’s best experiences goes hand in hand with air travel - which is undeniably bad for the planet. At Much Better Adventures we take responsibility for the emissions generated by our customers adventure travel through rainforest protection.

How does this work?

Our donations enable Cool Earth to protect highly endangered rainforest: saving trees which would almost certainly be lost to logging without direct action. Those saved trees ‘lock up’ huge amounts of CO2 - removing it from the atmosphere forever.

Cool Earth have a very simple and highly cost effective model. Just £2.50 = 10 trees saved = 10 tonnes of carbon ‘locked-up’. Tidy.

We take this ‘saving the planet’ stuff pretty seriously, so we support Cool Earth in mitigating 4x the amount of CO2 generated by all our customers every year.

We’re proud that the Foundation has saved 19,920 trees and counting….

But even that really isn’t enough. We want to help save all the rainforests we can - so that’s where our customers come in.

So if you’ve taken a flight or two this year, and want to save some trees… contribute to Cool Earth here.

Read more about why we chose to partner with Cool Earth.

On top of this, every year we also partner with one of our hosts to support an important local cause.

Get in touch

If you run or know of a project that should be considered for our support, please email us at [email protected] with a website and contact number. Each idea will be judged on their likely ability to deliver meaningful and worthwhile solutions to local environmental and social challenges.

Partner Organisations

Much Better Adventures are proud of its mission to ensure adventure tourism is a force for good, but we can’t do it alone. We love working alongside some amazing partners:

  • Cool Earth
  • Tourism Concern
  • Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project
  • Crees
  • ReefCI
  • Social Cycles
  • Relief Riders
  • Spiti Ecosphere